More people are switching from alcohol to cannabis, Here’s why.

By Tom at Kannaboomers

What were once vices are now habits. That’s not just the title of the fourth album from the Doobie Brothers, it’s also a reality for many of us seeking relaxation, or just some relief from the anxiety of life in these United States.

Between work, relationships, health concerns and the ongoing political shit-show, life can be harsh, right? So it’s understandable that at the end of the day, you want to change your state. Unplug and unwind a little. So we pick our poison and ingest something that’s going to have a neurological effect, throw a bit of a change-up at our bodies. For many of us, that go-to relaxant has been alcohol. It’s familiar, socially acceptable, and we’ve learned how to dose for the intended effect. 

Alcohol has its downsides too though, particularly if you’ve been relying on it for years. Hangovers suck, for sure, and even if you’ve learned to hit the sweet spot of getting just a little tipsy and then quitting for the night. You’re still going to be dealing with brain fog and other after-effects the next day. Not to mention the long-term health risks to your liver, heart and brain. So as a daily supplement, alcohol has its drawbacks.

Q: Why should I switch from alcohol to cannabis?
When you’re trying to relax, it’s good to not be slowly killing yourself. Cannabis has never killed anyone. It’s actually helped people become more healthy. Given advances in our knowledge of the plant, more people are now taking cannabis for a broad range of medicinal uses, including the big ones of anxiety, arthritis and insomnia. It’s now legal as a medicine in the majority of states. So maybe it’s time to take a look at cannabis as a replacement for alcohol.

Q: What if I hate being stoned?
You don’t have to get stoned. We’ve all been there, locked to the couch, too high to answer the phone or the door. Paralyzed by introspection, or transfixed by something we’d normally not give a second thought. When you have responsibilities, this is not a place you want to go often. And you don’t have to. You can take a microdose of cannabis, via a dosed edible, or one hit from a joint, pipe or vaporizer. After you take a hit, assess your state, and decide if you want another hit.

Q: What about dry vaping instead of alcohol?
If you want to reduce your alcohol intake, you likely care about your health, and you might not like the idea of inhaling burnt matter into your lungs. Vaping your herb dry, with a vaporizer is a relatively new way to consume cannabis. These vaporizers have a small internal oven and a compartment where you put the cannabis. You then suck in to draw hot air over the flower, thus extracting the resins that contain THC and the plant’s other medicinal compounds. It’s a milder, clearer high, according to dry-vape enthusiasts -- and it might be easier on your lungs than the traditional methods of ingesting your weed.   

Q: What are the advantages of dry vaping?
You’re not incinerating your cannabis. If you like your lungs the way they are and you’re not crazy about sucking ash and soot down your windpipe, you might appreciate dry vaping. You’re inhaling steam, which is much less aggravating than smoke.

Q: Why do you want to control the temperature when you vape?
DIfferent terpenes and compounds boil at different temperatures. With vaporizers, you can precisely dial in the temperature you want, and thus control your intake and your cannabis experience.
Q: What about the stigma of being labeled a stoner?
Counter question: Would you rather be considered a drunk? Cannabis is more socially acceptable than it was a few years ago. And more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon. You don’t have to be Jeff Spicoli to appreciate the healing power of cannabis. It’s a legit medicine for many conditions, starting with insomnia -- and we all know that getting a good night's sleep is foundational to good health. 

Are you ready to drink less alcohol and ingest more cannabis? You can be a pioneer, come out of the closet, and tell others about the health benefits of cannabis. You’ll be making a positive impact on your own health and wellness, and that of others.  

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