Check Out the Trailer for BODY HIGH the Movie

Body High is a trippy new stoner movie about a group of pot dispensary clerks that discover a strain of weed which makes the ladies go wild with lustful desires.

Filmed on location in several real dispensaries, it's a first of its kind, with many pillars of the cannabis community making appearances, including; Nick Swardson, Flavor Flav, Berner, Kotton Mouth Kings, and Corey Feldman.

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The November Green Bake Box


• 6 inch Southwest Design Glass Pipe
• 15 feet Hemp Lights bees wax hemp wick 
w/ Key chain holder
• 1 Cyclone pre-rolled bluntwrap
• RAW Mini Clipper lighter
• 1 pack (NEW) Cheech and Chong rolling papers
• 1 Threaded stash box (1 gram)
• 1 pack Bulldog perforated blunt tips
• Silicon Dab Station
with 2 silicone dab containers
and 3 inch stainless steel dab tool
* 1 2.75oz pack of Wellsley trail mix

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The Revolutionary LED Lights and Fixtures at Wicked Grow Lights

The LED Grow Lights and Fixtures are game changers for your indoor grow room. Customize your grow light spectrum creating the perfect formula for your indoor hydroponic or soil horticultural environment. 

WICKED GROW LIGHTS are open source, giving you freedom to upgrade your grow lights with limitless options, all with the same grow lighting fixture. It is not proprietary, which requires you to purchase new indoor grow light units to take advantage of advances in LED grow light technology. 

WICKED GROW LIGHTS are scalable with high PAR levels, high lumens, high CRI values and made in America.

WICKED GROW LIGHTS provides a precision engineered, durable, powder coated, extruded aluminum frame. It is lightweight, adjustable and comes in 2 ft. and 3 ft. lengths with custom sizes available. 

The frame interior is lined with industry standard ceramic GU10 sockets (that adapt to E27) or are lined with a combination of both GU10 (50W Max.) and E27 (150W Max.) sockets. This enables you to use a wide variety of grow bulbs making it simple to keep up with fast paced LED grow light advances . 

The versatile fixture design of WICKED GROW LIGHTS gives you, the grower, the freedom to create your own grow light spectrum and the chance to try new bulb technology as soon as it hits the market. 

With an open source grow light like WICKED GROW LIGHTS you have a platform which will grow with your indoor horticulture needs while providing you with an upgradeable, affordable, powerful and professional grow room lighting solution. All of our ratings are true and actual power is tested at the outlet. All frames are covered under a 5 year warranty.

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REVIEW the Randy’s ZIPP Dry Herb Vaporizer

Included with the ZIPP:
Retracting USB charging cable
USB wall outlet charger
Packing tool
Cleaning brush
3 Silicone mouth tips
4 Screens

By now most of us have heard of, seen or burned some Randy’s Wired Papers. Since their founding in 1975, Randy’s has expanded into offering more varieties of wired papers, the smallest to the very large bottle brushes and pipe cleaners as well as some of the best cleaning solutions.

To be honest, I had forgotten about Randy’s until a bottle of Randy’s Black Label showed up in one of the subscription boxes I enjoy avery month. I immediately remembered one of the last times I had purchased a pack of Randy’s back when I was in college, many moons ago. You see, back in the olden days we not only walked uphill in the snow both ways to and from school but stores that carried specialty papers were few and far between. When I would happen upon a store that sold Randy’s, I would always pick up a pack.

Well, a lot has happened since those good ole’ days. Smoker’s options have certainly evolved and so has Randy’s.

Soon after contacting Randy’s, my new friend, Jason insisted that try out one of their vaporizers. How could I say no?

A couple days later, a ZIPP Dry Herb Vaporizer was in my mailbox. I unpacked it and immediately wanted to get it charging. The first thing I noticed was the clever retractable USB charging cable. Without going to much further into the box, I realized that Randy’s packs in a few extras in their standard package.

The “extras” are simple but thoughtful. Randy’s included a USB wall charger, 3 Silicone mouth pieces and 4 screens. I thought about it and Yes, I have been in USBless places where the wall charger would have come in handy. I also recall, passing a piece to a friend who unknowingly passed a cold or a bit of the flu right back. The mouthpieces would definitely come in handy in a potentially germy situation like that. The mouth tips also give your lips a nice break from the heat of a long sesh.

After about an hour or so, the ZIPP was charged and ready to go. I knew it was ready to go because not the blinking blue light gone solid but battery lever indicator read full. The digital display makes quite a difference. With the display, you know your charge level and you also know your exact temperature setting. Not only can you select one of 80 temperature settings, between 350º and 430º but your custom setting is saved and already set for the next time you fire up your ZIPP.

All in all, the Randy’s Dry Herb Vaporizer comes with everything you need. The ZIPP gets to your custom temperature setting quickly, even when the battery indicator shows the end of the charge. This vaporizer performs like a compact champ but the digital display is what keeps me going back to enjoy my Randy’s ZIPP.

    The ZIPP is definitely a gift you can give with confidence. Remember to use your MRSTINKYS coupon code and receive an additional 10% OFF the ZIPP or anything you find at


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