Five Good Healthy Reasons to Juice Your MMJ

Besides fruits and vegetables, it turns out cannabis can be added to your juicer as well.


For those unfamiliar with the juicing phenomenon, the process of making cannabis juice is surprisingly simple. All you really need is a blender/juicer and some raw material. 

But what are the advantages of juicing raw cannabis? Here’s a list of our top 5.

 1. Avoid the High

While the downsides of getting high are often debated, the fact is that some people prefer their cannabis without psychoactive effects. This is where juicing comes in handy. 

Since heat is required to convert the THCA in raw cannabis into THC, its psychoactive form, juicing provides a way of obtaining many of the benefits of cannabis without getting high.

 2. Ingest Higher Doses

Along the same line, not getting high makes it easier to take higher doses of cannabis and therefore more of its medical components, also known as cannabinoids. 

One doctor who recommends juicing is Dr. William Courtney, founder of the Cannabis International Foundation. According to Dr. Courtney, THC can be taken in doses of hundreds of milligrams when in its acid form. However, once heated, the tolerable dose drops to 10 mg a day.

Cannabis juice also contains CBDA, the acid form of CBD.

 3. Versatility

Cannabis juice can be mixed with a variety of other healthy ingredients to create delicious drinks perfect for any time of the day. 

It’s also easier to drink cannabis juice while at work, in the car and in other places where smoking or vaporizing might be inconvenient.

 4. Avoid Smoking

Juicing, like vaporizing, allows you to avoid the negative effects of smoking. 

Although cannabis smoke has not been linked to lung cancer, it can irritate the airways and lead to minor respiratory symptoms such as chronic bronchitis. Thus, juicing may even help you breathe a bit easier.

 5. Prevent Disease

While cannabis is often seen as a treatment for chronic diseases, incorporating cannabis into your diet can be a great way to maintain health and prevent disease. 

Cannabinoids have been shown to possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties, making them a powerful dietary supplement. 

Hat Tip to: Leaf Science

Republican Majority in the US House Solve a Big Problem for Marijuana Business

When it comes to liberalizing marijuana policy, Congress has once again shown that it is not always the liberals taking the lead.

The GOP-dominated House on Wednesday delighted cannabis advocates by voting to prohibit law enforcement from going after banks for doing business with state-licensed marijuana growers and sellers.

The measure would be a boon to the marijuana business. Currently, banks fear taking on dispensaries and related companies as clients out of concern that the relationship puts them at risk of being a target for federal drug and treasury agents.

The banks had found little solace in recent assurances by the Obama administration that it had no plans to prosecute them for such relationships. Almost all continue to see too big a risk in getting involved with the rapidly growing pot sector.

That has left dispensaries and other marijuana businesses in a dangerous predicament, forced to keep massive amounts of cash on hand and hire private security firms to cart it off site.

In June, Denver police alerted local pot businesses that they had become aware that a group of criminals was conspiring to target the cash-rich companies throughout the metropolitan area.

In years past, proposals like the one the House approved Wednesday have failed to muster enough GOP votes to pass. But that changed in May, when dozens of Republicans voted in favor of an amendment to block the Drug Enforcement Administration from targeting medical marijuana businesses operating legally under state laws. The measure passed and it, too, is awaiting action in the Senate.

The GOP support reflects a shift in thinking on marijuana among some Republicans. The tea party, with its libertarian leanings, has given a boost to legalization efforts. Its members have been vocal in questioning whether the marijuana component of the war on drugs is an overreach of federal authority.

“These bipartisan votes clearly demonstrate we're at the marijuana tipping point,” said a statement from Aaron Houston, strategist for the Ghost Group, which invests in marijuana-related businesses. “In a single month, we've seen the full House pass two positive measures.”

Via: The LA Times
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