Profile: The Invicibowl and Invicipole bowl-piece and down-stem

The Invicibowl is a bowl-piece cut from aerospace-grade aluminum with a surgical steel bowl sleeve lining the inside. 

The Invicibowl is designed to not retain heat and provide a nice even burn, leaving only ash. And because the screen is installed beneath the bowl collar, there is no more dropping the screen when tapping out ash and there is no need to force the screen out from the bottom of the bowl for cleaning. 

The Invincipole is made from the same aerospace grade aluminum as the Invincibowl and is adjustable from 3 inches to 5 and 3/4 inches. 

The design of this down-stem begins at the top with a form that ensures the down-stem won’t get stuck when removed and will stay put while in use. There is even a screen right above the diffuser to prevent clogging and junk from getting into the water. The Invincipole comes apart easily and into three pieces which makes cleaning and screen replacement easy.

The Invincibowl and Invicipole are available in seven matching colors. They can be purchased separately, in matching color sets, or mixed and matched to your liking.

My Observations: After quite a bit of use, I have to say that both the Invincibowl and Invincipole have lived up to their manufacturer’s claims. They not only add a bit of color but they both perform well and as expected.

Go to to learn more about them, check out the selection of colors and get a set for yourself or find a great gift for a friend.

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