PROFILE The Handy Pucker

Of all of the gadgets and gizmos I profile and review, things that solve problems or make things easier are always at the top of my list of favorites. The Handy Pucker is one of those favorites. 

The Handy Pucker is based on a relatively simple idea and solves a consistent problem. Most dry herb vaporizers, pre-rolls, dugouts and rolling machines share the same pesky issue. Actually loading up the device, pre-roll or whatever without losing a portion to the floor, your clothes or a light breeze is near impossible. 

Sure, you can use an actual funnel or a carefully rolled piece of paper to get it where you want it but you end up having to scoop it and dump it anyway, sometimes resulting in negative outcomes. Make life a little easier on yourself and get a Handy Pucker.

The Handy Pucker could not be more simple to use. It solves an annoying little problem, it is handcrafted in the USA and is fairly priced. What more could you ask?

Check the Handy Pucker for your self at KnottyLabs and let me know what you think @CarverJohns.

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