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Canadian Lumber has a variety of rolling papers, each with their own unique qualities. 

All of the Canadian Lumber papers are made with 100% all natural Arabic gum. Arabic gum comes from various species of the Acacia tree. The natural gum is made of hardened sap. It is water soluble, edible, and used throughout the food industry.


Hemp fibers allow you to keep your consumption strictly to materials provided by the cannabis plant. The taste of your cannabis will be unaltered by non-cannabis materials. Like all of the other Canadian Lumber papers, the Greens are unbleached and all natural.

100% Unbleached Pure Hemp / Pure Arabic Gum / Unrefined Pulp Paper


Crafted from wood pulp and pressed into the thinnest paper, the woods have a natural brown color allowing you to keep the authentic joint look. The unrefined pulp allows for a 'heavier' smoke without the harsh added chemicals

100% Wood Pulp / Pure Arabic Gum / 100% All Natural Wood Fiber


An innovative combination of flax seeds and hemp fiber come together to form these lightweight papers. Like all of the Canadian Lumber papers, these are regularly tested for allergens.

50/50 Unbleached Pure Hemp & Flaxseed / Pure Arabic Gum / All Natural Flaxseed / All Natural Hemp 

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