Stoner Gift Ideas Under $40 The UNDURCUVUR One Dugout

The ONE Dugout

ONE: What you always wanted a one-hitter to be. This revolutionary dugout is 100% odor proof, waterproof, and airtight. This is a glass stash jar and a custom one hitter bat that we wrapped head to toe in soft rubber to create the the smallest odor-blocking glass "all in one" stash container on the market. 

The glass storage jar has 2.5mm thick sides and a super thick 7mm bottom. The glass has to be made to exact dimensions in order to for all the pieces to fit together correctly. Our focus on quality is relentless.  We spent two years in development on these products alone.  We have picked the proper blend of polymers (rubber) to eliminate "gas permeability" which is how odor is transported through rubbers like silicone.  Silicone rubber has 450 TIMES the gas permeability of our rubber blend. This product was custom designed and tested exhaustively to make sure we deliver the experience you are looking for.

They are very durable and the grip of the rubber ensures it will not "slip" out of your pocket at the wrong time. It's about the size of a bar of soap; It's sleek and stealthy and you are going to love it.

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