REVIEW The PYPTEK Dreamroller

For those not familiar, PYPTEK produces a line of smoking accessories made from borosilicate glass, aircraft grade anodized aluminum and a couple well-placed silicon shock gaskets to produce all glass pathway in a shock resistant exoskeleton. Simply said, the taste and performance of glass without the breakage.

I have had my PYPTEK Pocket Pipe for over two years. It has been cleaned a couple dozen times and has seen its share of calamity. The pipe has been knocked off tables and countertops, dropped in the sink and bounced off porcelain tile floors as well being stepped on more than once. The anodized aluminum deserves the credit for the lack of scratches but the overall design concept is what saved the glass.

The Dreamroller incorporates all of the same PYPTEK design and engineering to deliver a very satisfying performance. The trigger mechanism is not only designed to deliver a nice clean hit but can be held and operated with one hand as opposed to the old steamroller, awkward press it to your face with one hand free for the lighter, method.

Another thing occurred to me when I cleaned the Dreamroller. Sure, it is easy to clean but what I realized is that the trigger mechanism is not in the “resin path” and needs no maintenance for continued performance. I have seen, used and reviewed other pipes with some sort of trigger mechanism but because they were in the path, they tended to clog quickly.

The Dreamroller is a good looking piece and is available in several colors. Check it out and the rest of the product line when you visit

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