REVIEW The Path Pipe by Smoke Honest

The Path Pipe
by Smoke Honest

The Path Pipe is a portable pipe that cools and smoothens like a bubbler that hits like a steamroller. 

With a size and weight that easily fits in any pocket or purse, the Path Pipe is certainly portable but there are a couple features that make it convenient and portable. 

The sliding lid holds packed material in place and also contains odors, making the Path portable. The poker tool, which fits in its own place at the head of the pipe, makes for the perfect clean-out tool and makes the Path convenient for use on-the-go. 

The “Winding Path” design provides the cool smoothened hits by heat syncing with the all-aluminum lengthened pathway from the bowl to the mouthpiece. Aluminum is a poor insulator and the longer the path, the more opportunity for cooling. Sorta kinda like the radiator in a car. I am here to tell you, it certainly worked every time I’ve tried it.

The thing that seems to make quite a difference is that there is a carb. I guess the pipe would hit just fine without it but having the carb, makes the difference by allowing for the backing up a bigger hit and that steamroller effect.

The Path Pipe by Smoke Honest is wholly constructed with durable aluminum, has a modern minimalist design and is definitely worth checking out.

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