My visits to Verilife Dispensary / Wareham Massachusetts

A couple times a year, I visit friends and family who are on Martha’s Vineyard and other spots in Massachusetts. This trip I decided to visit a couple of recreational dispensaries on my way east to the Cape as well as on my trek west. 

I only made it to one shop but visited it twice. Making a second visit instead of trying another location was simply because the first visit to Verilife in Wareham Mass. was such a good one. 

My first visit was on a weekday shortly before closing. When I pulled in the driveway looking for parking, I was stopped by a security guard who explained parking was only for medical cardholders and handicapped customers. But instead of treating me like the clueless out-of-towner, that I am, he took the extra moment to point out where I could park. Once I was inside, I had to show ID, no big deal, but the young lady at the check-in was nice enough to remind me that I would need to show my ID again. I say,” nice enough” meaning “thanks for saving me the time of digging it out of my wallet again”. The shop was busy but the line moved along quickly. Once I was at the counter, Joseph M. made me feel like I was the center of his attention. The service was like I was the only one in the store and he had plenty of time to answer every question, make suggestions and thoroughly review and pack my order. The good experience left me wondering if it was a one-off situation. I decided to visit again on my way west.

The latest available boat, back to the Cape, was 7am on Sunday morning which worked out great for my second visit. I could be in Wareham at opening time on Sunday morning.  Surely, first thing on a Sunday morning would be a lesser experience. Well, I was wrong. Lacey could not have been nicer nor more patient with all my questions or informative regarding what she and other customers liked and why. Again, a great experience. 

Another thing I like compared to shops I have visited out west was that the flower is all prepackaged not sitting in a big jar waiting to be mangled while it loses moisture. I don’t think anyone wants dried out buds and I know I certainly don’t.

Verilife also offers next day free delivery to medicinal patients and will accept debit cards for purchases. Their pricing didn’t seem all that high or low, for that matter, and the quality of my purchases were all top-notch.

Next time I’m in Mass. I’ll probably check out another shop but I will definitely be visiting Verilife again.

Verilife Wareham, MA
112 Main Street
Wareham MA 02571

(508) 538-9070
@verilifestores on Twitter
verilife.dispensaries on Instagram

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