REVIEW The Oasis by Vision Pipes

In the past, I have tried and reviewed several pipes that employ waterless cooling. To some extent, they all worked and came close to providing cooled hits. However, in most cases, the cooled hits would diminish as the session went on. That is not the case with the Oasis. 

Vision Pipes went a couple steps further to ensure cooled hits every time. The Oasis employs the same types of mechanism seen before and stretched it out. The Oasis is simply a pipe that is small enough to fit in your pocket but has the advantage that would be found in a pipe that was at least a couple times longer. Inside the Oasis, the long path is folded in a way that is not only extremely effective but also lends itself to easy cleanup. 

I have had my Oasis for a month or so now and have had plenty of time to see if I could clog the pipe to the point that is was unusable. Well, I tried and failed after a couple weeks of more than regular use. When I decided to clean the pipe, I opened it up and thought it would be a lot of effort to get it to like-new condition. Turned out, all I did was soak each piece in alcohol for 20-30 minutes. Starting with the cleanest piece first, I was able to wipe the whole thing clean with one full-sized paper towel and gave all the pieces an overnight soak in some dish detergent. 

The Oasis boasts a nice size screenless bowl and a special spot to mount and smoke cones or well-rolled joints. The pipe is built from durable military-grade aluminum throughout and can easily be sanitized with an alcohol wipe or disinfectant. The Oasis is held together with small but strong magnets with an overall profile that can easily slip into any pocket, compartment or bag. 

I could not find a downside to the Oasis. The pipe delivered on every promise and looked good doing it. 

Currently, the Oasis is available in black and aluminum and I know they are going to be making different faceplates to add a little customization. 

Take a minute to check out the Oasis for yourself at 

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