REVIEW The MyPress Solventless Rosin Press

The MyPress Solventless rosin press is simple in principle and an easy way to produce the freshest and most impactful rosin at home. The MyPress is also a much safer way to getter better results as compared to the DIY solutions we have all seen online like the flattening iron trick.

I didn’t really see the point of producing rosin at home when it would be simpler just go buy some. It wasn’t until I spoke with Dan the engineer, who designed and developed the MyPress, that I received a little nugget of valuable education. It turns out, because of oxidation, the aromas and flavors fade away quickly. After 72 hours the difference is distinguishable. Potency is also a victim of oxidation but does not decline at nearly the same quick rate.

The operation of the press couldn’t have been made simpler. With easy to set temperatures and a timer that only starts when the pressure is engaged, any guess work comes down to personal preference. There isn’t really anything to keep clean. An alcohol wipe applied to the plates every once in a while and a quarter turn or two of the included calibration tool is the limit to the efforts required to keep the press performing at optimal. 

My MyPress sits nicely on my kitchen countertop but it is easily portable. Just lock the pressure arm in place and carry it away with the built in handle. The side of the base has even been cut away to avoid knee knocks. 

So, if you are looking for a way to produce high quality, solventless concentrates at home, don’t want to burn the house down with a grooming appliance and don’t want to invest life savings in a commercial unit, the MyPress might just be the perfect solution for you.

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