Why Edible Highs Last So Long

If you’ve ever dabbled in medicated foods, then you know the edible high can be intense and long-lasting – definitely much more so than smoked or vaporized flower. Luckily, regulations in many legalized states are setting upper limits on the potency of edibles and the way they are portioned and packaged. But there is still a huge learning curve for consumers of edibles when it comes to dosage control – and an enjoyable, well-timed edible high.

When it comes to how the body breaks down THC, inhalation and ingestion differ greatly. You simply have to know this if you want to take control of your consumption and the effects you feel.

When you smoke or vaporize cannabis, it enters the bloodstream directly through vessels within the lungs. There’s no need for the THC to pass through the digestive system. This means that the effects will hit you almost immediately, and will usually subside in the span of 4-6 hours.

Imbibing an edible is a whole different story. In this case, THC moves through the entire digestive system. This means there are many metabolic factors that contribute to the way you feel after consuming.

THC from ingested cannabis is slowly processed through the mouth, stomach, intestines, and finally the liver, where it eventually does make it into your bloodstream. However, the resulting effects depend on many factors that are so often overlooked by new or inexperienced users.

Taking an edible while dehydrated or on an empty stomach will likely cause the THC to hit your system all at once, making you incredibly high.

On the contrary, eating THC after you’ve already eaten a meal will generally cause a delay in the edible’s metabolism. That means you might not feel high for a few hours, and the strong effect can last as long as it takes for your food to break down completely.

Depending on the natural speed of your metabolism, it could be awhile until the effects of an edible go away. During this time you might have some serious trouble tending to your daily routine or even staying awake.

The length and intensity of your edible high can also be affected by prescription medications or supplements that you are on. That’s why it’s always a good idea to chat with your doctor about how your metabolism could be affected.

Another reason the edible high lasts so long is because the body creates different THC-by-products based on the method of consumption.

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