REVIEW The Dr Dabber Boost - Black Edition

The Dr Dabber Boost Black Edition comes out of the box with literally everything you need to enjoy all of the flavors and efficacy of your favorite oils or concentrates. All you would need is a little water for the bubbler and a power source to charge up the battery.

The Boost is referred to as a “portable” electric nail. Walking down the street, with it in your hand, might be a little conspicuous but that is not the intent. The Boost was designed to be easily broken down for discreet storage and certainly portable enough to take with you. When you are ready to enjoy your Boost, it takes no time at all to have it hot and ready for your first dab.

The Dr Dabber Boost Black Edition has a lot to offer. The tight fit construction and quality materials are immediately obvious and the mechanics are all backed up with a one year warranty. The unit heats up in 30 seconds to two different temperatures to accommodate three different, included, nail types (Quartz, Ceramic and Titanium). The glass bubbler is manufactured with a heavy glass and within tight tolerance for a snug fit. The nails are easily swapped out, once the unit has had time to cool and the whole rig sits on top of an easy off and on magnetic base. On the base, the whole unit can rest perpendicular without precarious balancing being necessary to simply put it down for a minute. The battery has the long life and power to provide a great experience when you are on your own or when sharing with friends.

Overall I give the Dr Dabber Boost Black Edition the highest marks. The unit is perfect for enjoying a dab or two without having to break out a rig and a torch. Once broken down and back in the box, the unit can be stored discreetly even in plain sight. With the super simple operation and great performance, the Dr Dabber Boost will not disappoint.

Available at: Dr Dabber

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