VIDEO RECIPE Light Tasting Cannabutter by Jeff the 420 Chef

Easy and worthy Recipe to make Light Tasting CannaButter and start making your own tasty creations

WHAT YOU'LL NEED (makes 1 stick of butter)
Heat resistant glass dish
Distilled water
Fine mesh strainer and a Tea Strainer
French Press Coffee Maker
Small Tupperware or bowl with cover (large enough to fit a melted stick of butter)
Bowl filled with Ice Water
Aluminum foil

1 (4oz) + 1/3 stick butter  (I prefer unsalted grass fed butter. Kerrygold is the best!)
1/4 oz dried herb 


STEP 1: Rinse and Blanch your Herb
  1. Coarsely grind or break up dry herb and soak overnight in Distilled water.
  2. The next day drain and rinse cannabis in the fine mesh strainer over the sink with more distilled water.
  3. Place rinsed cannabis in Tea Strainer
  4. Bring water to a boil
  5. Place tea strainer with herb in boiling water for 5 minutes
  6. Immediately remove tea strainer after 5 minutes and place in ice water for 1 minute.
  7. Remove from ice water, squeeze out excess water and break apart into small pieces onto oven safe ceramic or Pyrex baking dish
  8. Preheat oven to 300ºF
  9. Spread blanched cannabis in dish evenly
  10. Cover with foil
  11. Bake for 20 minutes to decarb
  12. Fill a large pot or a portable water boiler like the Proctor Silex water boiler with water and bring to a boil
  13. Place butter in French Press and place French Press into water boiler or pot to melt.   The water line should be just above the melted butter line.
  14. Gently mix decarbed herb into the melted butter.
  15. Cover French Press with plunger and lid but DON'T PLUNGE yet. 
  16. Let butter simmer for 3 hours
  17. CHECK WATER LEVEL IN BOILER EVERY 20 minutes and refill as necessary.
  18. After 3 hours push down plunger on French Press and pour into plastic butter dish or a similar storage container. 
  19. Place strained butter mixture into refrigerator till it solidifies
  20. Turn out re-solidified butter onto a paper towel to remove any residual water or moisture from your butter and blot your butter dry!
Place dried butter back into butter dish and voila!

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