REVIEW The SLX v2.0 Herb Grinder

The Connoisseur’s Herb Grinder

     At first glance, the SLX v2.0 is a good looking machine. Completely coated with a ceramic, non-stick and 100% FDA certified coating, this grinder is as slick as it looks.

    Because of the never stick coating, there will be no more cross threading or jammed up sets of teeth stuck together with the results of your last dozen grinds.

    One of the best features is the grind basket. Unlike most other grinders, there is no need to unscrew a kief collector before collecting your ground herbs. You need only lift out the basket that fits neatly on top of the kief collector.

    I refer to the SLX v2.0 as a “Connoisseur’s Grinder” because of it’s non-stick abilities. With the SLX v2.0 you can grind up a new strain or an old favorite while not picking up any results of your last grind as well as not leaving anything more than some kief behind.

    Just try the SLX v2.0 once and you will see what I am talking about. Or take my word for it and you will need only too pick between two sizes and seven colors.

    The SLX v2.0 is on my “best of” list and I know with our friends at SLX backing up their grinders with their “We’ll Make It Right” promise, the SLX v2.0 will remain on the list.

The SLX v2.0 is available at

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