PROFILE The New MouthPeace by MooseLabs

In 2014 the founders of MooseLabs sat down to solve a problem they discovered. The problem was and remains that your favorite bong, bowl or vaporizer is a bacterial nightmare that you gladly share with friends and fellow smokers. 

The results of the studies detailing and comparing bacteria on our favorite pieces can be found at and those results are rather unpleasant. That being said, the MouthPeace is a simple yet very effective solution. The MouthPeace has been designed to fit most, if not about all, bongs and dab rigs as well as a lot of vaporizers, bowls, and pipes and is manufactured from durable silicone.

There are a couple iterations, shapes and colors of the original MouthPeace but the New MouthPeace takes the experience of clean consumption to another level. 

The New MouthPeace has a replaceable filter. Made from recycled and biodegradable materials, the easy to fit carbon filters remove resins, tars and toxins without blocking the desired elements and help to enhance flavor. 

So whether you are enjoying your favorite herbs at home by yourself, having some friends over, joining a session or out exploring a festival, the MouthPeace is a must-have everywhere.

Go check the MouthPeace out for yourself at and start sharing the good stuff and not the bad.

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