Old is New: Cannabis as an Anti-Aging Medicine

By Tom at Kannaboomers

There’s some question about exactly when ‘old age’ starts, but when you think about it, it’s about 15 years older than you are now, right? And once people get old… well, shoot, we all know that old people:

Slow down
Have trouble sleeping
Suffer more aches and pains
Lose their appetite
Embrace their grumpy, grouchy selves  
Start falling apart from all sorts of diseases 

Well, not necessarily. While there may be some truth behind these stereotypes, it’s also true that some of us age better than others -- and not just those super-geezers who whiz by you on the bike while you’re pedaling uphill. (WTF vitamins are they taking?) Actually just about anyone can push back against aging with a little bit of dedicated effort, like exercising, paying attention to your diet and following healthy habits. 

But there’s a twist to this story. For most of human history, people knew of and consumed a safe, organic, cost-effective medicine that addresses many of the common conditions that come with aging. And it wasn’t invented by a pharmaceutical company. Surprise -- it’s our old friend cannabis!

News flash: Cannabis helps you age better!

Vilified by our government since the 1930s as marijuana, the devil’s weed, cannabis is now coming out of the shadows again, recognized in 30+ states -- and all of Canada, Mexico and South Korea --  as a safe and effective legal medicine. 

What’s changed? In a word, we now have something undeniable on our side: science. 

Since the 1990s we’ve known about our body’s endocannabinoid system, and the receptors we have throughout our brains and bodies for the many compounds in cannabis. The endocannabinoid system regulates sleep, appetite, mood and pain, and it helps us stay in balance, or what a biologist would call a state homeostasis. Besides that, more studies are showing that cannabis helps fight diseases like epilepsy, cancer and PTSD. 

We also know that cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabis compound that does not get you high, can help with age-related conditions including insomnia, anxiety and the aches and pains of arthritis.

As for the stuff that gets you high, we’ve known for a long time that THC can relieve pain, help you sleep and rev up your sex life. What’s different now is that if you don’t like burnt plant matter in your lungs, you can inhale THC or CBD vapor instead; and if too much THC makes you paranoid or anxious, you can take a microdose (in mint form, if you like) that gives you a relaxing effect -- and is a far less harmful alternative to imbibing alcohol on a regular basis. 

In short, we have a growing body of science that proves that cannabis can help with the challenges we all face as we age. And the bullshit about cannabis opening the door to hard drugs, or making you, as our forner attorney general Jeff Sessions said, a bad person? That’s in the past. As is the idea that you have to take massive bong hits, cough your lungs out and get stoned to the bejeezus. (Unless you want to.)

How to make cannabis your personalized anti-aging medicine

Cannabis is a personalized medicine. It affects us all differently, and it may take a bit of investigation on your part to learn which strains and methods of ingestion work best for you. But unlike so many of the ‘medicines’ that are routinely prescribed to older patients, cannabis has never killed anyone. And it offers real medical benefits for a range of conditions that affect all of us as we age.

How do you integrate cannabis into your wellness regimen? 

Educate yourself by listening to experts.
Start slow, and pay close attention to your body (Consider keeping a journal). 
Open yourself to the power this plant has to help you achieve balance and harmony. 

Once you discover what cannabis has to offer, spread the word. You’ll be helping other people improve their wellness, and become part of the social revolution of our time. 

By Tom at Kannaboomers

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