REVIEW The Randys Chill Dry Herb and Concentrate Vaporizer with Freezable Glass Air Path

Versatility, Simplicity and Portability with some Innovation and you have the Chill from Randy’s.

With the Chill, you can choose dry herb or concentrate as well as a couple of options when it comes mouthpiece and glass air path. The, first of it’s kind, freezable glass air path and the glass bubbler are both handblown and come in the box. Randy’s also offers the Icicle. The Icicle is a 5.5 inch version of the glass freezable tube. With the,”at least double the performance time” the Icicle is a great add on accessory that is also available as part of the Chill Bundle.

The magnetic coil chambers are quite clever as well. The magnet holds everything securely and swapping out the chambers is no problem, once everything has cooled down. 

Operation could not be more simple. Five clicks on and off and three clicks to change between the three heat settings for dry herb and concentrates. Swapping out the bubbler or the freezable tube is a matter of simply sliding one out and replacing it with the other.

The glass bubbler and the freezable tube fit comfortably snug in the Chill with the mouthpiece end peaking out of the top. So no broken glass worries in pockets of purses. The base of the Chill has a storage space for one of the dry herb or concentrate chambers along with a stainless steel pick/tool. 

With the frozen tube option, there are a couple of really chill hits but what I noticed was that everything seemed nice and smooth all the way thru a full session. The bubbler did it’s job but I do suggest keeping the water clean by changing it out with each new packing. 

The Chill is certainly worth checking out and with Randy’s you know there is someone there to back it up with over 40 years in the industry. 

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