MMJ Chicken and Waffle Sandwiches by JeffThe420Chef

Join JeffThe420Chef as he teaches Val Garay, 9 times Grammy Award Nominee and Winner for the famous "Betty Davis Eyes" and Double Platinum Artist Islove how to make his famous infused Chicken and waffle panini sandwich. 

-Chicken cut into 1/8ths
-Chili oil 
-Panko crumbs 
-Salt, Pepper, garlic powder
-Maple syrup
-Kupie Mayo
-Cheddar Cheese
-Chef Matt's Maple Syrup (Or Regular Maple Syrup)

Kitchen Tools & Items:
-Non-latex gloves 
-Air Fryer
-Mise en place bowls
-Waffle Iron
-Eye Dropper

1. Wash and dry chicken
2. Use gloves and massage chili oil and a little salt  under skin
3. dredge in flour, egg, panko crumbs
4. Airfry chicken according to directions on-air fryer
5. While chicken is frying, make waffles
6. Make Siracha maple mayo
7. Assemble as Chicken & Waffle Sandwich with siracha maple mayo
8. Top with cheddar cheese 
9. Serve with maple syrup

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