PROFILE The SilverStick Dugout

The SilverStick solves a dirty little problem for fans of one-hitters. 

The SilverStick has an all natural cotton filter that stops ashes, tar and burning embers without getting in the way of tasting the flavors of your favorite herbs. 

The SilverStick is honed from aircraft grade alloys ensuring near indestructibility. The Large version is large enough for 4 - 6 draws with an end-cap to keep everything in place. The Slim version is sized to fit most conventional dugouts with a deep bowl to accommodate 2 -3 draws before reloading. 

To accommodate the Large version there is the SilverStick DugOut. The leather dug-out holds a lighter, the SilverStick and has a convenient container for herbs. Going a step or two further, the leather dugout also has a convenient spot to hang the included poker and a hidden compartment to keep four fresh filters clean and unscathed.

The SilverStick is great for on-the-go enjoyment. On it’s own the SilverStick is discreet in size and effective in protecting from tongue burns and ash inhalation. With the dug-out kit, even a heavy user, would be good for a whole day and only need spare a half a pocket or a small corner of a purse or bag.

Check out the SilverStick "Pipe with a Filter"
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