Cineole the Memory Terpene the Smells like Eucalyptus

There are so many important cannabis chemical components that even an experienced cannabis user can get lost easily. You just want to smoke a joint but a budtender starts telling you about CBD, THCV, pain relief, anxiety management, THC, smells…

If you don`t want to feel like Alice in Wonderland in a dispensary you need to remember few basic things about weed. Cannabis has:

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds such as THC, CBD, THCV, CBG. They produce specific effects (for instance, THC is the one gets you high while CBD reduces anxiety). There are more than 100 of cannabinoids, THC and CBD are the most important and the most studied so far.

Terpenes (fragrant oils) make you strain smell in a particular way. Health benefits of terpenes are undisputable. Limonene will give your Pineapple Express Strain or Trainwreck strain the smell of citrus. Terpenes were evolutionarily predisposed to defense the plant from predators and insects that is why their smells are often strong and even repulsive.

Recently scientists paid attention to a particularly stimulating terpene- cineole or eucalyptol. This terpene has the charming smell of eucalyptus, rosemary and fresh mint.

Cineole the terpene was also discovered in other plants, such as rosemary. People learned to use it for the skin and the gums because of incredible health benefits of terpenes.

However, cineole terpene can even be better than it seemed at the first glance. Apart from its incredible scent it has a positive effect on human memory and can potentially reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer`s disease.

What is so special about cineole, the terpene with eucalyptus smell:

Cineole has powerful anti-inflammatory effect
Cineole is able to reduce the swelling;
Cineole increases the effects of cannabinoids helping them to cross the blood/brain barrier;
Cineole increases the capacities of memory and concentration;
Cineole increases mental and physical energy.

Here are several studies that confirm health benefits of this terpene. Natural Health Research Institute published the study which revealed a positive correlation between the amount of cineole the terpene in the blood of the participant and his cognitive learning abilities.
It turned out that rosemary essential oil improved learning and memory: participants were able to answer questions faster when there was some amount of cineole in their blood.

Another study revealed that cineole can be effective for asthma management due to its anti-inflammatory and antoxidant properties

So cineole is really one magic terpene: apart from its fresh rosemary aroma, it improves memory and learning and reduces inflammation. It can enhance your smoking experience immensely.

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