Stoner Gift Ideas Under $75 The BYOTubes Tesla Setup

The Tesla Setup 
by BYOTubes

BYOTubes are like Lego®s meets bongs, but with a twist! Each module features a male & female thread that allows full association with every one of our 60+ modules available. 

Made from durable BPA-free POLYCARBONATE plastic, BYOTubes still features a glass bowl and down stem, so you’re still smoking right out of glass! Polycarbonate has high heat resistance, and when used properly will never have an issue with melting or chemical release, even when dabbing!

The Tesla comes with: 
Mouthpiece, Solid freezer module, Milking chamber, Tree percolator, Flask base, 19mm Down-stem and 14mm Bowl and available in a variety of colors.

Available at: BYOTubes

Everything at BYOTubes 
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Toss the Torch Get The Dipper by Dip Devices
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