Stoner Gift Ideas Under $75 The BYOTubes Tesla Setup

The Tesla Setup 
by BYOTubes

BYOTubes are like Lego®s meets bongs, but with a twist! Each module features a male & female thread that allows full association with every one of our 60+ modules available. 

Made from durable BPA-free POLYCARBONATE plastic, BYOTubes still features a glass bowl and down stem, so you’re still smoking right out of glass! Polycarbonate has a high heat resistance, and when used properly will never have an issue with melting or chemical release, even when dabbing!

The Tesla comes with: 
Mouthpiece, Solid freezer module, Milking chamber, Dome percolator, Flask Base, 19mm Down-stem and 14mm Bowl and available in a variety of colors.

Available at: BYOTubes

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