MMJ Fatigue and Depression

In the ongoing debate about the draws and drawbacks of medical marijuana, the discussion of depression is among the most contentious.

Some say marijuana has incredible, positive effects on those suffering from depression, as well as related symptoms such as fatigue, chronic pain, stress, and anxiety.

Others say it does nothing, or even worse, brings people’s moods down. This is an extremely worthwhile subject to investigate and hopefully reach conclusions about, as millions suffer from depression, and medical marijuana is certainly on the cusp of great pervasiveness in society.

Let’s turn first to a study from the University at Buffalo. The findings weren’t all concrete, but the 2015 work suggests that depression linked to chronic stress–a major and frequent factor in both temporary and long-term, clinically diagnosed episodes–can seemingly be positively altered by the use of marijuana.

It all comes down to the role stress plays in ebbing away at naturally produced chemical compounds in the brain called endocannabinoids. And if that canni root word reminds you of a certain sprawling green leaf, it’s because the chemical is closely related to ingredients found in pot, such as the oft-mentioned THC.

By smoking marijuana, it is suggested that people can restore this eroded chemical and help balance their mood. While the study’s writers and others have since continued exploring the idea for utmost verification–it was originally done on animals–there’s good reason to believe it has some veracity to it. After all, marijuana has been used both medicinally and via self-administration for a long time, particularly as a relief agent for stress and post-stress disorders.

If you’re looking for a study that sounds a little more like the doctor’s orders, you should read up on McGill’s 2007 work. All in one source, the Montreal university cleanly and clearly states the benefits and dangers of using medicinal marijuana for depression.

Their bottom line? Pot helps with depression—as long as you don’t smoke too much. Indeed, research both in the lab and on the sofa can agree: It feels good to smoke marijuana; just don’t go overboard!

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