REVIEW TransformerTubes be Creative and Customize your Own.

TransformerTubes are interchangeable modules that can be arranged in any number of color combinations and configurations. The concept is rather simple. Easy to assemble components that add up to a pretty cool water pipe with a design you customize for yourself.

The modules include: dome percolators, ice and milking chambers, glass and liquid freezer modules, in a variety of colors and more, including: a choice of bases, carbon filtration and LEGO® character modules. The possibilities are endless.

The smooth surfaces also make a blank palette for spray or craft paints or a great place for all those stickers you’ve collected.

Because TransformerTubes can be broken down and taken apart easily, filling, cleaning and transportation are all simplified. Try carrying around a 4 foot piece of glass. When it comes to cleaning, BYOTubes suggests alcohol-based solutions or my friends at Randy’s suggest their Green Label Cleaner as an alternative.

So, if you’re looking for a great water pipe that can be made truly unique and are looking for a little creative expression, I suggest checking out Transformer Tubes.

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