REVIEW The Ascent Portable Programmable All Glass Path Vaporizer by Da Vinci

Package Includes:
    Ascent Vaporizer
    Wall Charger
    Velvet Carry Bag
    Da Vinci Stickers
    2 Rubber Dust Caps
    Spare Metal Pick
    2 Glass Oil/Concentrate Chambers
    Spare Glass Straw Set

    The Da Vinci Ascent is the only vaporizer, that I know of, with a glass lined ceramic heating chamber as well as an all glass vapor pathway. It has a long life battery pack that boasts 300 minutes of continuous use between charges. The Ascent is also available in a large variety of colors and patterns to allow the user to personalize their vaporizer. But, as far as I am concerned, the most interesting feature is that the Ascent is completely programmable.

    The Ascent can be programmed to vaporize at three different customized temperatures, each with it own programmable duration. Having done research recently looking for the perfect vaping temperature; I realized pretty quickly that there is not just one appropriate temperature. There are plenty of sites online that break down which components of the herb are released at what temperatures and after reviewing the data and opinions from several sources I set my Ascent to the following session schedule.

315º F for 4 minutes
350º F for 4 minutes 
420º F for 4 minutes 

(I suggest, letting the Ascent cool after the session, wait 20 minutes or a half hour, stir the contents with the included metal pick and run the session again.)

    The scheduled session seems to work best for me. I feel confident that I am not only utilizing each component of the herb but I am also getting the maximum benefit while not laying anything to waste.

    No matter how you choose to use the Ascent, the all glass pathway seems to enhance the experience. The glass pathway provides the opportunity to taste and enjoy the whole flavor pallet of the herb at the lower temperatures and seems to soften the normally harsh high temperature hits.

    The Ascent can be used to vaporize oils and concentrates in the glass oil/concentrate chambers that come with the unit. I didn’t even try oils or concentrates in my Ascent. I never got around to it because I was too busy enjoying the herbal vaporizing to bother with anything else.

    Overall, I give the Da Vinci Ascent five stars, two thumbs up and top marks. The charge lasts longer then needed, the glass pathway proves it’s value and the programability makes for a nice relaxed experience free from having to fiddle with buttons and settings while in use. The fact that you can customize the exterior to your taste is icing on the cake. All these features add up to make the Da Vinci Ascent certainly one of the best around.

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