REVIEW the Journey3 pipe Clever Engineering and Cool Design

The Journey3 combines clever engineering and cool design to deliver a cool smooth smoking experience.

The Journey3 is made up of three pieces of zinc alloy held together by a strong magnet. The three pieces come together to form a screen-less filter. The filter not only collects most of the tar but starts the cooling process engineered into the pipe.

The lid keeps your fine smokables secure during your travels and smothers the burning embers between hits.

In my opinion, the best feature of the Journey3 is that it is so easy to clean. Even at it’s dirtiest, the J3 can be cleaned to new with a paper towel, a little bit of alcohol or your favorite cleaner and a couple of minutes. In a pinch, you can even clean everything up pretty good with a dry napkin or paper towel.

The Journey3 definitely makes a great gift for your fellow enthusiasts as well as a great little gift for yourself.

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