4 Good Reasons Marijuana is Better than Alcohol

Here are just a few of the many ways marijuana outperforms alcohol:

Marijuana is a brain-booster

A common stereotype paints medicinal marijuana users as slow-thinking and lazy. However, research has shown that the cannabinoids in marijuana actually help stimulate brain activity. In addition, THC -- the ingredient in marijuana responsible for getting you high -- can actually prevent buildup of amyloid-beta peptides, one of the biggest causes of Alzheimer's disease, in the brain. In fact, the Scripps Research Institute study suggests that THC might even do this better than most legal prescription drugs. Meanwhile, alcohol is a depressant -- meaning it slows down brain activity and even contributes to a worsening in mood.

Medicinal marijuana use has been proven to treat certain health conditions

There are a wide number of different ailments that medical marijuana can help treat. From epilepsy to chemotherapy side effects to depression and anxiety, a growing number of people are using medical marijuana as a safe, effective way to treat their health problems. Alcohol, however, lacks these medicinal properties -- and could even make your health worse. Habitual drinking is associated with increased risk of cancer, worsening of epilepsy, cardiovascular disease and much more.

Marijuana is virtually non-addictive

The chances of someone becoming addicted to marijuana are lower than any other drug or substance. Only about 9% of people who use marijuana regularly will develop a dependence. Alcoholism occurs at about the same rate. Substances like tobacco result in addiction among about 30% of users, in contrast.

There have been zero deaths on record from marijuana overdose
Because it is nearly impossible to overdose on marijuana -- medical or otherwise -- there are no recorded deaths directly resulting from marijuana consumption. Meanwhile, alcohol results in the deaths of as many as 2.5 million people around the world annually, whether it's from alcohol poisoning or from drunk driving.

Thank You: The Medicinal Marijuana Association 

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