The Difference between Sativa and Indica

Most stoners have heard about sativa and indica, but far fewer understand the differences between these two very different kinds of cannabis.

First let’s take a look at the more popular cannabis sativa:

Sativa offers a “headier high”, stimulating mental focus, imagination and creativity.
Great for daytime smoking because it doesn’t knock you out like an indica heavy strain.
It can be used to help treat mental and behavioral disorders such as ADHD and depression.
Sativa heavy strains give you a powerful case of the munchies, making them great for anyone who has trouble eating.
The high from cannabis sativa is very uplifting and stimulating.
Sativa strains contain a higher THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) to CBD (cannabidiol) ratio, making sativa the more psychoactive of the two strains.

Now let’s look at cannabis indica:

Indica is more of a body high, thought to put you “in da couch”.
Great for nighttime smoke sessions because it acts as a great sleep aid.
There are many medical uses for cannabis indica because it helps relieve chronic pain and relaxes muscles.
Indica strains contain a higher CBD to THC ratio, making indica less psychoactive (the feeling of being “high”) than sativa strains. 

The CBD in indica can be extracted and used for its anti-epileptic and anti-anxiety effects without impairing the user’s mental state.

Spot the Difference


Knowing how each strain effects the body is a great start, but spotting the difference between the two strains can make you look like a pot pro in front of your buds.

Sativa plants grow tall and thin, some plants reaching upwards of 20 feet.
You can spot a sativa bud by looking for thinner bud structure and long slender leaves.

Indica plants are a much shorter and denser plant, making the preferred choice for indoor growers.

You can spot an indica bud by looking for tight, dense bud structure and short broad leaves.


Many strains today are a mix between a sativa and indica, giving you the best of both worlds. Hybrids are usually classified as either sativa or indica dominant, giving the user an idea of what kind of high to expect.

Some people just don’t care about what strain they are smoking, as long as it does the job. Others can benefit from understanding the key differences between the two cannabis families and shape their high accordingly.

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