Starting Marijuana Seeds by Subcool

Marijuana seeds have many benefits when compared to growing from clones.

The most helpful benefit is that marijuana plants grown from seed do not introduce pests or problems into a garden like clones can.

Another benefit seedlings provide is health and vigor. Sometimes marijuana mother plants and/or clones can be old, tired, or even diseased without it showing visibly.

Many growers opt for feminized seeds, but I feel that you do best, and can have efficient seasons, using regular marijuana seeds.

One key factor for good germination is to select the right brands and strains of seeds.

When selecting seeds, do homework online and find out what marijuana strains the  most successful marijuana growers are growing.

Find out which companies are creating the best seeds, and choose carefully.

A seed needs moisture and the right temperature so it can germinate.

I recommend germination temperatures between 70-80 degrees. 

Temperatures in that range tend to produce a higher ratio of female marijuana plants. Temps higher than that create a higher ratio of male marijuana plants.

Many marijuana growers still use the tried and true method of germinating cannabis seeds in a wet paper towel.

With the invention of rapid rooters, you can get better germination. 

They’re made from composted organic materials bonded together with plant-derived polymers.

These plugs are manufactured using a scientifically controlled process that yields large populations of beneficial microbes in the medium. We started using them to clone about three years ago and when I tried starting marijuana seeds in them, I knew I would never do it any other way.

I flip the cone-shaped rooting plugs upside down so they have more stability.

They’re made to fit into sectional trays, but that just adds cost and I try to keep things simple and low frills.

Wash your hands well with a disinfecting soap to remove any oils or contaminants before you handle marijuana seeds.

Make a small hole with a poker and place the seed point side up into the plug about ½ inch deep into the rooter.

Place the plugs into a domed container and place it under florescent lights. I like to use plastic/Tupperware shoe boxes stacked on top of each other. 

They’re low cost and easy to find at any department store. Not everyone has access to a hydroponics grow shop at all times.

Don’t let the cubes dry out.  That is really the only thing to worry about.

It’s best not to drown them, but as long as they don’t dry completely I have always had great success using this method.

Once the marijuana seeds sprout, I transplant them into one gallon pots filled with good quality potting soil, but make sure the soil isn’t too nutrients-rich, or it will be too nutritionally “hot” for your plants and will damage your seedlings.

via: Big Buds

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