Medicinal Marijuana vs Aggressive Brain Cancer

Marijuana’s active ingredients have the power to kill a certain type of aggressive brain cancer, according to a new study.

Cannabinoids and THC were shown to inhibit the growth of high-grade glioma in the study conducted by the Oncology Department at St. George’s University of London.

“High-grade glioma is one of the most aggressive cancers in adult humans and long-term survival rates are very low as standard treatments for glioma remain largely unsuccessful,” according to researchers Wai M. Liu, Katherine A. Scott, and Angus G. Dalgleish.

The team used the combination of THC, CBD and radiation in the treatment of glioma for the study, published in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics.

“Taken together, our data highlight the possibility that these cannabinoids can prime glioma cells to respond better to ionizing radiation, and suggest a potential clinical benefit for glioma patients using these two treatment modalities.”


Medicinal Marijuana vs Chest Pain

About 23% of the adult population, or 70 million Americans, experience non-cardiac chest pain at some point in their lives.

While chest pain is often related to the heart, many aren’t aware that the digestive system can be a major trigger as well. For example, acid reflux is one of the most common causes of non-cardiac chest pain.

But could taking THC help? It’s possible, according to new research from Temple University.

In a pilot study involving 13 patients, treatment with Marinol — a pill made from pure, synthetic THC — seemed to increase pain tolerance and reduce the frequency and intensity of chest pain episodes. The pill was given twice daily over the course of four weeks.

“This novel study has promising findings in future treatment for these patients,” said study co-author Dr. Ron Schey, Associate Professor of Medicine at Temple University School of Medicine.

The study did not compare Marinol with existing treatments for chest pain, meaning that more research is still necessary. On the other hand, the way it works already seems clear.

According to Dr. Schey, THC likely works by activating cannabinoid receptors in the esophagus that decrease sensitivity to pain. The study’s findings were presented October 20 in Philadelphia at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the American College of Gastroenterology.

Interestingly, pain management is one of the most common uses of medical marijuana. Other studies show that cannabis may alter the way the brain perceives pain signals sent from different parts of the body.

A 2013 study that compared pain relief from THC pills versus vaporized cannabis found that pills took longer to work but had a longer-lasting effect.

Even still, sufferers of non-cardiac chest pain may have to stick with their current regimen for now. Though Marinol can be prescribed for managing nausea and weight loss in cancer and HIV/AIDS, it has not been approved by the FDA for treating pain.

Marijuana, Dopamine and Productivity

It’s no secret that medical marijuana has many medicinal benefits. Despite the leaps and bounds that society has made in legalizing marijuana, there can still be a negative stigma surrounding those who partake, be it medically or recreation-ally. However, many people are blind to the fact that cannabis can be a beneficial tool when it comes to the overall quality of work. Not only can it help you to access the more creative parts of your imagination, but it can also help to clear away the clutter and help you to focus. This leads us to ask the question, could cannabis actually boost overall work ethic and productivity?

Marijuana, like other drugs, causes the brain to release the chemical dopamine. Dopamine is one of the many chemicals in the brain that helps regulate the brain’s activity. These chemicals are also known as neurotransmitters.
When a person inhales or ingests cannabis, cannabinoids increase the flow of dopamine by blocking off the function of another neurotransmitter, called GABA. Under normal circumstances, GABA “waters down” the flow of dopamine to the brain. However, when cannabinoids and THC inhibit GABA, the brain releases more dopamine as a result. This increase in dopamine causes people to feel more calm, focused, and can even boost their overall creativity. Contrary to popular belief, endocannabinoids are more strongly linked to ‘runner’s high’ than endorphins.

Increased productivity can be directly linked to the brain’s dopamine levels. Although dopamine is usually linked to feeling pleasure or reward, it also acts as a motivator—and when the brain’s dopamine levels increase, there is more of a want or need to get things done. Researcher Mercè Correa of the Universitat Jaume I explains it best in the Cell Press Journal, Neuron.

“It was believed that dopamine regulated pleasure and reward and that we release it when we obtain something that satisfies us, but in fact, the latest scientific evidence shows that this neurotransmitter acts before the pleasure or reward, encouraging us to act. In other words, dopamine is released in order to achieve something good or to avoid something evil.” Therefore, an increased flow of dopamine can boost your motivation to stay focused and potentially take on bigger goals in the future.

There are several strains of marijuana that can lend to increasing the dopamine levels in your brain. Sativa strains are usually labeled as being more “creative,” giving the user high levels of dopamine and allowing their brain to become more motivated and open. Some common cannabis strains to look for that could increase your drive and work ethic are Green Crack, Jack Herer, and Cherry AK.

These clear Sativa strains are popular for their ability to provide a uplifting and energetic head high, without the heavy, zone-inducing state. This makes them ideal for powering through work, chores around the house, or other creative endeavors. If you don’t have access to these specific strains, do not worry, any of the clear-headed Sativa strains that your local dispensary or collective has available should suffice.  Just be sure to ask your budtender for their personal recommendations.

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