PROFILE The Transpring A10 Vaporizer Cartridge

A couple months ago I entered a Transpring giveaway for the A10 vape cart. I found out that I was one of the winners and took the time to do some research. I haven’t vaped any oil in quite a while because of the things I had heard about cartridges failing tests for lead by a lot more than a little and knowing the potential health problems associated with exposure to high levels of heavy metals.

In late 2018, cartridges were regularly failing California testing with levels of lead exceeding the 0.5 ppm limit. Those that passed were in the 0.3 ppm - 0.4 ppm range. The Transpring A10 cartridge tests out at 0.023 ppm and lower. 

The A10 is made with a Nickel-Chromium alloy, a ceramic core and a Pyrex glass surround. The ceramic core technology ensures quick and even heating for high viscosity oils leading to the preservation of terpenes to ensure a true flavor and prevent the “burned” taste of many other carts.

When I tried out the A10, I tried an e-cig oil as well as a CBD oil the was a little less viscus. During both trials, I noted that the A10 delivered nice smooth full hits that were full-flavored and without any clogging or popping. 

I am glad I got to try these carts out. They certainly performed as promised but more importantly, I know that I am not being exposed to potentially dangerous levels of heavy metals. 

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