Stoner Gift Ideas: The Transformer Tubes Variety Kit

Transformer Tubes are like LEGO®s meets BONGs, with a twist. And though a twist is quite literally involved (hint: it’s a build-a-bong that screws together), the product line is expanding and has featured innovative technology for almost a decade. 

This travel-friendly daily-driver is made of BPA-free polycarbonate plastic, which makes it shatterproof; but also includes a glass down-stem and bowl so you’re always getting clean smoke. 

Affordable freezer modules are available that replace the necessity of ice for smooth, cold hits, and the use of 3D printing technology allows for all sorts of angles, bends, and modules for fun and function. 

Build it tall or build it small, an investment in Transformer Tubes Variety Kit means you’ll have a pipe fit for every occasion that’s easy to clean, simple to transport, totally durable, that you can upgrade at any time. 

The Variety Kit includes a Flask Base with glass bowl and down-stem, 5 x Milking Chamber, 1 x Ice Chamber, 1 x Freezer Module, 2 x 180° Connectors, 2 x 45° Connectors, 1 x Tree Percolator, 1 x Mouthpiece. 

Get a Great Gift for Yourself or Your Favorite Stoner
at the: Transformer Tubes Build Your Own Tubes site.

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