PRESS RELEASE Freeleaf The World’s First and Only Flavored Odorless Smokable Cannabis Flower

Float Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of FreeLeaf, the world’s first and only flavored odorless cannabis products.  Products that include, smokable cannabis flower without the smell or taste of ‘weed’ and culinary cannabis; edible cannabis flower that smells and tastes like herbs (oregano, basil, and thyme, etc.)

Both product lines will debut in Los Angeles at the BudBerry Dispensary and Lounge in West Hollywood, CA when it opens its doors in February 2020.

The founder of Float Technologies, Jeff Danzer, also known as JeffThe420Chef, has spent seven years perfecting the FreeLeaf process. A process which keeps the potency of the flower intact while at the same time rendering it completely devoid of the cannabis odor and taste. “We’ve created a blank canvas of sorts with FreeLeaf. Our patent-pending process leaves the trichomes intact while removing all of the compounds responsible for the “weedy” odor and taste.  And we now have developed a proprietary process that reinfuses the flower with any natural smell or taste we choose without adding any additives. It's extraordinary!" states Danzer.  

Privacy issues and nuisance concerns keep many potential cannabis consumers on the sidelines. Especially those individuals concerned with cannabis smell permeating their hair and clothing and those who live in enclosed areas like apartment or condo dwellers, where the cannabis odor is prohibited or frowned upon.  

The company is launching FreeLeaf with a dozen smokable adult wellness flavors including Lavender, Clove, Cool Mint, Chamomile, and Caramel Briarwood. In addition, the company will be introducing an entire line of edible “culinary cannabis” herb replacements including OregaNO, Rosemary-Jane, Hazy Thyme, and Blunt Basil. The “herbs” taste and smell exactly like the intended herb, but are 100% cannabis flower without any additives. [Product pictures available upon request]

“We put the FreeLeaf products through California’s rigid phase 3 testing at one of the top testing labs in Southern California. It tested 100% clean and lost none of its potency through the process," says BudBerry's CEO, Jon Locarni. "We see tremendous potential for discreet cannabis products that are true to the plant, and FreeLeaf is at the forefront of this market segment. We’re thrilled to be launching the entire line of products at BudBerry when we open our doors in February”.

Float Technologies is currently raising capital to scale it’s manufacturing capabilities in Los Angeles, CA.

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