PROFILE The Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Grinder by Cloudious9

There are quite a few motorized grinders out there in the marketplace.  The idea sounds good. After all, you can eliminate the “hands-on” herb abuse, that normally occurs, by simply depositing the grounds directly where you want them. There is no longer a need to scoop or directly handle the ground herb, eliminating waste and sticky fingers. Sounds good but there always seems to be a common problem.

The problem is simple. The relatively small grinding mechanisms can get gunked up and locked up. Sure, they can all be cleaned but sometimes even the smallest stresses can wreak havoc on those little electric motors and lead ultimately to failure or a shortened product life span. I guess it’s less of a problem in drier climates but in more humid areas, though better for your buds, not so much your grinder.

In the case of the Tectonic9, there is no mechanism to jam up. The grinder is manufactured out of anodized aluminum, has 28 diamond-shaped grinding teeth and textured grip for ease of use.

Once ground, the finished herbs sit inside, behind the viewing window, ready for dispensing. To directly dispense the herb; slide the gate open, flip the spout into position and press the button. Pressing the button activates the built-in vibrator for dispensing and the LED lighting.

The matte finish lends to the overall durable look a feel of the grinder. The rechargeable battery holds enough charge for up to 120 dispenses before recharge and charges in any USB powered outlet.

Check it out for yourself at It might make for an interesting addition to your collection or for that friend who appreciates cool stuff.

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