The Hydrology9 Dry Herb Vaporizer An Emerald Zoo Review

Opening the box you’re greeted with a well laid out package with the instruction manual available right away. Under that is everything you need, AC adapter, USB charging cable, a cleaning tool kit and the Hydrology9 dry herb vaporizer. The initial charge was short and was ready pretty quick. Everything was pretty clear in the instruction manual and we commenced to fill the water chamber and heating chamber for initial use. FYI, run it through several highest temp setting cycles empty to rid the area of any manufacturing remains. We also rinsed off the water chamber areas with ISO and rinsed off. 

Loading the heating chamber requires a little finesse. If you’re not careful your herb is everywhere including the heating chamber. You can pack it, not real tight, but it is packable enough to get a nice couple sessions out of. It requires more effort to pull when packed too tight. When you assemble the top of the water chamber it does require it to be properly seated and tight, or it will leak water. When it is time to turn the vape on press the button 3 times in succession and it will flash green letting you know the battery is good to go. Next, each press will step through 5 temp settings, with blue being the lowest then, yellow, orange, purple, red as the highest. It will flash at desired temp until it is reached then go green to start the session.  It will maintain temp for 2 minutes then go in a 60 second cool down. A single press will initiate another session. During the session and warm-up, it can display a LED color show. In low light, it’s actually a cool effect, although it will shorten battery life a bit.

Cleaning and maintenance are fairly straight forward but must be kept up or airflow issues will result, as well as diminished flavors. As with any cannabis appliance, maintenance is an important part of proper function. Proper cleaning assures operation but maintains that high flavor quality expected out of a vape, add the water filtration and the flavors are well maintained. With a temp change for different flowers, different terpene profiles can be enhanced or made more flavorful. During in-depth maintenance, we recommend you familiarize yourself with disassembly and re-assembly as you will have multiple parts when completely disassembled. A little ISO, some time and patience will return the vape to new.

In Conclusion here is what we found. This is a state of the art vaporizer and will deliver super clean and smooth full-flavored rips. This is a coffee table piece and makes for a great conversation piece where something way more classy than any pen type will do. It is beautifully designed and thought out vaporizer with a very visually appealing appearance whether in the very classy and discrete leather carry case or on the office desk or coffee table. It’s sure to attract attention. This is not a small pocket vape. If discrete portability while in use or packability is an issue this isn’t the vape for you.  At 6 and 3/4 inches tall and 1 and 3/4 wide, its got some size to it and with the durability built into the design from the glass mouthpiece to the water chamber and aircraft aluminum its got some weight to as well. Fully loaded with water it weighs in at 386 grams or 13 ounces. Again it’s not a cheaper plastic vape.  We found it overall to deliver a superior taste, battery life was acceptable, it’s a tad in the high maintenance department, but well worth the cleaning and time. 

It is not a super portable piece, but in the leather case it is possible to roam in public unnoticed, but take it out and turn it on, and you will attract attention as it does have the eye appeal. For a couple folks or alone it’s an ideal way to medicate or recreate without the combustion of smoking and a healthier alternative. The water filtration really sets this apart from anything else we have tested. We give it a solid 3.5+ out of 5 Green stars, just due to portability, but it is a new favorite around the lounge for dry herb vaping so that speaks for itself.  

Here is a link directly to the Cloudious site.

By: The Emerald Zoo

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