Stoner Gift Ideas Under $10 The Trek Pipe by VPuf

The VPuf Trek Pipe

The Trek Pipe is an inexpensive smoking pipe that conveniently fits in your wallet like a credit card.

The Trek Pipe is made in the U.S.A from virgin, food quality paper board laminated to virgin, food quality, extra thick, high-temperature, untreated foil. It’s sturdy enough to use over and over. 

After about a dozen uses, recycle your Trek Pipe and fold a new one. You can have a clean, fresh pipe anytime you want without the hassle of cleaning.

The two-piece design insulates the Trek Pipe body from the heat of the bowl to keep your fingers cool.

Use each Trek Pipe at least a dozen times and then toss in the recycle bin.

Trek Pipe by Vpuf is the only high-performance smoking pipe you can keep in your wallet.

Check out all the available designs at:

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Toss the Torch Get The Dipper by Dip Devices
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