Review: Hydrology9 Water-Filtering Vaporizer

The Hydrology9 
Simply put, the game of vaporization is no longer a ride in your father’s Oldsmobile. Mobile tech, high-capacity lithium polymer batteries, and a better understanding of the subtleties of vaporization and harm reduction has resulted in a slew of new innovative and affordable vaporizer products. One of the most impressive entrants to this increasingly crowded market segment is the Hydrology9 from Cloudious9. This aesthetic and svelte hand-held vaporization beast is so attractive, it would look at home on the shelf of an Apple Store. 

The innovative Hydrology9, as its name implies, combines precision-temperature vaporization with water filtration to achieve one of the most subtle and high-quality vaporization experiences available from any product. This unit features solid build quality and micro-USB (micro-B variety) charging. Attention to detail is presented in refinements such as a spill-proof magnetic cap and an all-metal and glass construction (unless one chooses the acrylic cylinder tube, a nice option for those with both clumsy hands and ceramic tile floors). 

I especially like that the unit affords me the ability to conveniently charge it from my laptop when at home or on-the-go. This relegates the frustrating situation of dead batteries that prematurely pounce on one’s pot party to a thing of the past. 

The Details
The Hydrology9 is more than just a great piece of engineering featuring superlative build quality involving aircraft-grade aluminum, borosilicate, and stainless steel—all woven together with SpaceX-like precision. It also sports a fully ceramic herb chamber that helps ensure accurate, even heating of ground herb (one of the areas in which many competing products cut corners). 

The Hydrology9 delivers the steak and the sizzle in the form of cool color-changing LED lights that exceed mere party trick appeal. The LEDs serve many functions, including intuitive temperature selection. They also provide the unit’s readiness status as it heats up (a process that requires about 60 to 90 seconds, depending on the specific temperature selected and status of the battery).

This innovative vaporizer features five temperature settings, ranging from blue (the lowest at 392° F; 200° C) and increasing in temperature through yellow (410° F; 210° C), orange (428°; 220° C), purple (446° F; 230° C), and red (464° F; 240° C). Those wanting to preserve aromatic but volatile terpenes, which feature relatively low boiling points, should opt for the lowest temperature settings (blue and yellow).   

The novelty of the sleek color-changing LEDs is pleasing and a fun party trick, especially when using the unit at night on a back patio or around a campfire. The true value of this modern vaporizer, however, is the clean, flavorful vapor that it produces. 

The experience of using the Hydrology9 is subtle, bordering on sublime. Those who have little experience using a vaporizer and have only smoked cannabis may perceive that they aren’t getting a solid hit from this model. There is a significant difference between a precision vape machine like the Hydrology9 and ripping a bong or puffing a pipe. 

Users should experiment with different herb grinders to achieve the optimal physical texture of their flower for vaporization. Different grinders deliver a wide range of results. A finer grind is typically better for vaporization than smoking, allowing the airflow within the heating chamber of the unit to reach more trichomes and helping to ensure the greatest efficiency. This also results in the best utilization of medicine, theoretically producing improved bioavailability. 

To preserve battery, the Hydrology9 performs an auto-shutoff after 10 minutes at idle. The battery level can easily be checked by holding the operational button for three seconds: Green is full, blue equals approximately half, and red denotes time to pull out the micro-USB cable and charge. The package includes cleaning tools and everything necessary to operate and maintain the unit right out of the box. 

Cloudious9, the company behind the stunning Hydrology9, offers some sexy accessories for their innovative vaporizer, including a supple leather pouch reminiscent of fine luggage. The thoughtfully magnetized non-spill cap fits snugly enough to prevent water leakage. However, those who ingest a bit too much THC and lose the cap can jump on the Cloudious9 website to easily order replacement parts. 

Just Chillin’
Here’s a pro tip to take your water filtration experience provided by the Hydrology9 to the next level: Put the unit in the freezer for about 20-30 minutes prior to use. One obviously should avoid forming ice in the chamber of the cylinder tube due to the fact that it could impede airflow. Theoretically, freezing could also potentially break the glass cylinder due to expansion of the water when frozen (the optimal water level is 50-70% of the chamber). However, in an attempt to find a fault with the device, I froze the Hydrology9 overnight multiple times. In a nod to the top-shelf build quality of this puppy, never once did I experience a single problem.

In summary, the Hydrology9 combines great build quality, multiple precision temperature settings, chillable water filtration, and the visual appeal and easy operation afforded by color-changing LEDs into a package guaranteed to provide years of satisfying vaping. 

In a cannabis consumer world increasingly straddling the zone where high tech meets getting high, the Hydrology9 is a clear value. It offers a great baton-like form factor and an overall attention to detail that not only feels great in one’s hand, but also embarrasses many of Cloudious9’s competitors. This is one purchase that most cannabis consumers will remain happy they made. 

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