REVIEW The QLoudUp Nexus Pro Concentrate Vaporizer Pen

About a year ago I ran into QLoudUp at Champs Trade Show. I was told that QLoudUp was developing an upgrade of the Nexus and my immediate response was,”why?”.

I’ve been a fan of the Nexus since I received it for review a couple years ago. I was impressed immediately and haven’t found a concentrate vape pen that even comes close in reliability, long life and flavor, till now.

The Nexus Pro upgrade starts with an all stainless steel body, magnetic connections and a glass mouthpiece with stainless steel splash guard. Building the unit with stainless steel, eliminates the need for glues, dyes and paint and the magnetic connections eliminate stuck threads. 

Both of the included atomizers are deep dish and give the user the option of dual coil atomizer for intense hits as well as the ceramic atomizer for smooth and flavorful enjoyment. There are four temperature settings (350º F 390º F 420º F and 490º) all controlled with a simple interface. 

The battery has a longer life than most I’ve tried out. The battery charges quickly, in under an hour and delivers consistent power to the atomizers throughout usage. The lifetime warranty, on the battery, shows the confidence QLoudUp has when it comes to their high production standard.

As much as I like the Nexus, the Nexus Pro is now, what I consider, the stand to measure all other concentrate pen vaporizers.

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