PROFILE The Ultraflo X-Pro Series Vape Cartridges

When PUFFMEN Distribution sent the X-Pro Series cartridges my first thought was,”a cart is a cart”. After trying a couple out, I have to say that there does seem to be a difference. As expected, the X-Pro cartridges performed well but there did seem to be a difference in the vapor’s flavor, for the better.

After a little investigation, I learned why the flavor was a better as compared to other carts I have tried. The X-Pro series was designed with a ceramic cup element that distributes the heat evenly and the oil never comes in contact with the heat source. So when compared to a wick or a coil, only the X-Pro prevents overheating and delivers good tasting vapors consistently.

The X-Pro series works with all viscosities, has adjustable air flow, a Pyrex glass tank and are available with a variety of mouthpieces and colors.

No matter if you are like me, an end user or a producer of oils looking for the best carts for your product, the X-Flo Series is well worth checking out.

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