The best tips to hide the smell of weed

The smell of weed that people either love or hate likes to linger from the confines of your stash, or long after you’ve smoked it. The odor comes from the terpenes in cannabis; the aromatic oils and scents that produce the flavors you experience when smoking different varieties.

You might have heard old smoker’s tales on homemade remedies to mask the smell of weed, but what can you do aside from crack the window, light some incense and hope for the best?

We’ve put together the best ways to hide the smell of weed for any sticky situation.

How to hide the smell of weed smoke

Smoke outdoors
It sounds painfully obvious, but one of the first steps is to smoke it outdoors if you can. Nature’s ventilation will take care of the rest as it floats off into the distance along with your worries.

Ventilate the room
If you don’t have the luxury of privacy in the outdoors or let’s be honest, it’s cold and you can’t be bothered trekking it outside, you still have options.

Ventilate the room by opening windows or switching on a fan. You can go one step further and put a dryer sheet at the back of the fan if you’re into that crisp linen smell along with spraying some deodorizer.

All that said, the best tips to hiding the smell of weed won’t hide the stubborn yellow stains of smoke in your house and furniture. Ventilate and air out your rooms regularly to avoid household damage.

Give vaping a go
While vaporizers don’t give off a completely smell-free cloud, the smell is much subtler and perfect for situations that call for discretion. You can check out our latest vape review of the Firefly 2 and the Hydrology9 for more info!

Use a sploof
A sploof is a device you can blow your smoke into to muffle the smell. Homemade sploofs can be made by filling an empty paper towel or toilet roll with a few dryer sheets and securing a final one on the end of the tube. The sheets act as a filtration and deodorising system designed to absorb the stank.

For smokers who want a sploof with a little more finesse, the Sploofy is your answer. It’s a small, portable smoke filter that comes pre-built and ready to go.

How to hide the weed smell on your clothes, skin and hair
You’ve done the hard work in hiding the smell of weed smoke from prying noses, but the smell still sticks to your skin, hair and clothes like… well, a bad smell.
Shower or wash

If you’re able to take a shower, a good rinse is the most effective remedy for the lingering weed odor. People can’t always strip off and scrub themselves after a toke, so the next best step is washing your hands and face if you’re on the go and popping a mint to ensure you’re not breathing your way into trouble.

The smell on your clothes is a little trickier if you don’t happen to carry a spare clean outfit with you. Most deodorizers do a decent job. But, short of sticking more dryer sheets to yourself which is a little conspicuous, the only way to be rid of it completely is by putting your clothes through the wash.

Of course, a much easier solution to all the above is to give edibles a try. No smell, no fuss, and no lingering problems.

How to hide the smell of your stash
Transporting your stash can be a tedious process as you try to avoid the occasional waft from your bag or pocket. Even hiding it in your house beyond the noses of others can be a mammoth task.

Coffee is a great masker of smells and cleanser of senses. You can hide your weed in a jar or tin surrounded by coffee as an effective method.

Glass jars
Mason jars or similar can mask the smell entirely when sealed properly, but the transparent glass might need attending to separately.

Smell-proof bags
Smell-proof storage bags range from basic and inexpensive, to customized designer pieces. Whatever the occasion, there is a range of smell-proof storage options that trump the classic zip lock baggy. Check out Liberty Bags.

Whatever your reason for hiding the smell of weed, these tips will make your efforts easier and more effective for every situation.

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