Stoner Gift Ideas Under $20 Liberty Storage Bags

Liberty Storage Bags

Your current storage bag does no more to protect your product than a plain supermarket plastic bag. Why pay for a premium cannabis product, only to store in a poly bag that is harmful to your product? A poly bag provides no static dissipation, and pulls your trichomes off into a nice hazy film. Does your current bag provide MOLD / MILDEW Mitigation? No way.  Real Odor protection? No chance.

Rather than contribute POLY storage bags to landfills, choose Liberty Storage Bags for all of your needs.

Liberty Storage Bags are made from Intercept Technology which is clean and chemical-free, FDA Compliant for food and medicine contact, 100% non-hazardous, reusable and recyclable…


Maintain Weight with the Lowest Moisture Transmission
Clean and Chemical Free
FDA Food and Medicine Compliant
Anti Fungal and Antimicrobial
Anti-Static and the Most Smell Proof Bag Available Anywhere

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Toss the Torch Get The Dipper by Dip Devices
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