Stoner Gift Ideas Under $75 The Colfax Dugout by Elevate Accessories

The Colfax Dugout
by Elevate Accessories

With 12 rare earth magnets in a clever locking lid with precision machined aluminum inserts. Offered in black and silver anodized aluminum options, these closures will keep out smells and create a nearly air/watertight seal.

About the same profile as a standard business card, this dugout will easily fit into a back pocket or just toss it into a pocket in your bag or backpack. Each dugout can hold up to 2 grams of dry, ground herb. If you keep your glass pipe and wood clean, there should be little smell from this dugout. Don't let the small size fool you either. This solid wood dugout is SUPER strong and can withstand whatever life will throw at it.  

Each dugout comes with your choice of a black, white, or clear ‘glass joint’. A glass joint is basically the same as a chillum, a one-hitter, or a bat. Packs about 2-3 hits per bowl.

If you want to step up the style, even more, you can choose to upgrade to a ‘mini hitter’. The bowl size of the mini hitter is the same as the glass joint but comes with either a maple or walnut wooden mouthpiece.

 Choose form either rich Black Walnut wood or a light colored yet super dense Hard Maple.

Available at: Elevate Accessories
10% OFF with Code: CJ10

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