Profile: The WEEKEND BOX CBD January 2018

The Weekend Box CBD
January 2018


2• Grace Chocolate Bon Bons (Chocolate CBD Edible)
Transport your taste buds and body on a deliciously soothing journey. Package contains a pack of three (3), 30mg THC- free, CBD oil infused chocolate bonbons produced by Glacé.

Bella Crema Elegante (Body Whip)
Bella Crema Elegante is the epitome of quality, comfort, and medication — wrapped into one. This silky creme is great for muscular and joint pain, as well as relieving skin inconsistencies and irritability. 

Bella Stress Dissolve (Bath Salts)
The Bella Stress Dissolve Bath Salts combine Himalayan Salt bath soak infused with the highest-caliber CBD isolate to dissipate your bodily pains and wash away both your mental and physical anguish. 

Bella You’re the Bomb (Bath Bomb)
This bomb will make your skin feel lusciously silky but the true beauty in this dose of medicine is how you will feel overall! Containing CBD blended with the purest essential oils, this bomb delivers an invigorating experience for mind and body. 

Caviar Gold Cavi CBD Tea (Herbal Tea)
Cavi CBD Tea provides a clear mental stimulation, while simultaneously decompressing and relieving the body from unwanted aches and ailments. 

Select Oil Select CBD Blends “Focus” (Vape Pen) 
Focus is an invigorating flavor that helps realign your focus and keep you motivated through the day. These CBD Blends pens are “essentially” the best THC-free disposable and discrete vaping vessels on the market! 

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