REVIEW The Hydrology9 by Cloudious9

A user experience first design approach and the best materials make the Hydrology 9 unique among dry herb vaporizers, to say the least.

The Hydrology9 delivers an over-the-top user experience. With five precise temperatures and onboard water cooling, every draw is smooth and effective. Because of the water cooling, not only is the experience enjoyable, at even the high-temperature setting but the user can vaporize their herb to ash without coughing their way thru it.

The porcelain heating chamber delivers even heat distribution at each temperature setting. The body is made of the highest grade aluminum available and is manufactured with the highest tolerance providing a leak-proof experience while the borosilicate glass makes for easy cleaning and sanitizing. 

All of that and my favorite feature of the Hydrology9 is the LED illumination. As the Hydrology9 heats to the chosen temperature, the LED illumination pulses with a specific color based on the corresponding temperature setting. When the desired temperature is reached, the Hydrology9 pulses with a green glow. When the vaporizer is on standby and not heating, a three-second press of the control button results in a pulsing light show. The Hydrology9 is perfect anytime but is certainly at it’s best in a low light setting.

If “everything” makes you cough the Hydrology9 is worth checking out. If you are a medicinal user who needs precise temperature settings and comfortable medicating, my advice is the same. If you are looking for a premium experience or an awesome gift, the Hydrology9 by Cloudious9 is a confident choice.

Check out the Hydrology9

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