Boveda Cultivate Episode 1 Rejuvenate Dry Flower

Why does it matter if your cannabis is dry? And what are you losing with dry buds? You’re sacrificing more than just good flavor and a smooth smoke as you’ll learn in the first episode of the new Boveda podcast, Cultivate. 

Cultivate’s co-hosts, Scott Swail and Drew Emmer from Boveda reveal the best way to capture the attention of cannabis trade show attendees. (Fresh weed, anyone?) And find out how Drew and Scott showed someone you can bring cannabis back to life overnight with Boveda, the global leader of 2-way humidity control. 

Stick around for Drew’s chat with cannabis advocate and educator, Melissa Rolston, who was recently featured in the Forbes article, Cultivating Women Leaders in a Growing Field: A Conversation with a Cannabis Social Entrepreneur. Melissa hosts The Cannabis Report live every Monday at 4:20pm EST on The Todd Shapiro Show, SiriusXM Channel 168. She is also a columnist for The Highway Magazine, available online and from dispensaries, smoke shops, vapor lounges and other cannabis related ventures.

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