Stoner Gift Ideas Under $100 The Nexus by QLoudUp

The Nexus Concentrate Vaporizer
1st Place 2017 Cannabis Cup
by QLoudUp

The Nexus featuring three different atomizers, all interchangeable in one beautiful device. 

Inside out, the Nexus masters the balance between technology, performance and beauty. We’ve done that by shattering the boundaries of what a portable vaporizer can really do.

Nexus packs a long lasting battery, but when you do need to recharge, you’ll discover a micro USB port on the bottom of the pen — so there’s no need to disassemble to power up.

Switch temperatures with ease. Toggle through its three carefully selected temperature settings (340°f, 400°f, 460°f) with three clicks.

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15% OFF the Nexus by QLoudUp
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Toss the Torch Get The Dipper by Dip Devices
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