Stoner Gift Ideas Under $75 The Helix Spoon Pipe

The Helix Spoon Pipe 
by Grav Labs

The Helix Classic Mini, made in the USA by Grav Labs, is stealthy 5" in length. But don't let the size of this tiny wonder fool you, micro-holes in the Helix Mini allow for extra cooling of smoke, and give it the power of a much larger glass pipe. The attached head allows for dry pipe smoking with the same micro-holes making every puff a smoother, cooler sensation.

Grav Labs does not use less than the best for their products, and this hand pipe is no exception to that rule. Being made of lab-grade borosilicate glass means this Helix Mini pipe is durable enough to travel safely, and discreetly, in any pocket or bag. 

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Toss the Torch Get The Dipper by Dip Devices
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