MMJ vs Migraines

The use of medical marijuana for migraines is not a new concept. A 1998 study by the neurology department of the Western Montana Clinic explains that cannabis has been used for centuries to manage the effects of migraines. Ancient Greek, Chinese, Indian, Roman, and Egyptian literature all make reference to cannabis's efficacy for headaches, and it was the remedy of choice for migraine treatment well into the mid-twentieth century.

Tension headaches are the most common kind of a headache that are associated with migraines. They can be triggered by fatigue, flu, alcohol use, eye strain, emotional stress and anxiety, insomnia, or excessive smoking. This type of a headache is the result of the tightening of muscles in the neck and scalp, and medical marijuana, which helps in the relaxation of these muscles, can help manage the headache.

The use of cannabis may also help reduce the frequency of headaches since it can act as a prophylaxis or preventive measure. Usually, those who suffer from migraines have very little recourse for the treatment of this condition. Available medications often have unpleasant side effects which tend to cancel out any perceived benefits.

Cannabis acts as an analgesic and can help in the reduction of the pain from migraines. The reduction of endocannabinoids is suspected to be an underlying reason for migraines. A migraine trigger sets off a chemical reaction in the brain, causing the release of endocannabinoids to maintain balance. In individuals where this component is lacking, a dilation of blood vessels will result in intense migraine pain, which may explain the therapeutic benefits of cannabis in managing migraine.

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The RigRider
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Silicone was chosen to create the product because it will leave your glass unaltered or affected in any way.  You can simply just take it right off as easily as you put it on.

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The SlapPack
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This silicone lighter holster will allow you to never again have to search for a lighter when using your tube, rig or hookah! This product is fully adjustable to fit any sized tube. 

Silicone was selected to create the product because it will leave your tube un-altered or affected in any way. You can simply just take it right off as easily as you put it on. Try one out, you will never need to search for a lighter again! 

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Stoner Gift Ideas Under $100 The Lid'l Pipe by Cedar and Finch

The Lid'l Pipe
by Cedar and Finch

the Lid’l Pipe. Strikingly designed and handcrafted from maple and exotic Wenge wood, The Lid’l pipe is laser engraved with the distinctive Cedar & Finch paisley pattern and features a swinging lid that is held closed with a magnet to keep smoking material and ash from falling out of the pipe while in transit. Both the bowl and stem are lined with brass for easy cleaning.

Cedar and Finch

Goes great with the Cedar and Finch Cannary Pouch.

MMJ vs Mental Health Disorders

Scientists know that marijuana contains more than 100 compounds, called cannabinoids, that have biological effects on the body. Medically, cannabis can be prescribed for physical ailments like arthritis and cancer symptoms as well as mental health issues like PTSD, depression and anxiety. Still, the role marijuana can play in medicine remains murky. The dearth of research is in large part due to the fact that most studies have focused on illicit use of marijuana rather than its therapeutic potential, and because it’s classified as a schedule 1 drug, making it nearly impossible to study.

Looking for answers about marijuana’s potential mental health benefits, a team of researchers in Canada and the U.S. recently conducted a review of the science. In their report, published in the journal Clinical Psychology Review, researchers found evidence that cannabis can likely benefit people dealing with depression, social anxiety and PTSD, though it may not be ideal for people with bipolar disorder, for instance, for which there appears to be more negative side effects than positive ones. “This is a substance that has potential use for mental health,” says Zach Walsh, an associate professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia. “We should be looking at it in the same way [as other drugs] and be holding it up to the same standard.”

Though more research is needed, studies also suggested that cannabis may have a place in dealing with addiction. “We are really excited about the potential substitution effect,” says study author Zach Walsh, an associate professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia. “If people use cannabis as a replacement for opioid medications, or to get off of opioids or cut back, we could see some pretty dramatic public health benefits. The level of opioid overdoses is so high right now.”

There’s evidence to support that potential. Another unrelated study suggested that pot may even have a place in curbing the opioid epidemic. And yet marijuana can be notoriously hard to study in the U.S. because it’s classified as a Schedule 1 drug, which means it has a high potential for abuse. Many scientists and medical professionals think the classification hampers research, and that marijuana’s medical potential merits further exploration. More studies, research advocates argue, would also help eliminate stigma associated with the drug, paving the way for more and better studies.

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How to Store Your Cannabis the Right Way

How you store your cannabis flower is extremely important.

First, let’s face it, cannabis can be expensive, so you want to make sure you are storing it in the best way possible to make it last as long as possible.

The second point is this: if you are using cannabis for medicinal reasons than it’s incredibly important to make sure that you’re keeping your medicine in conditions where it’s going to be the freshest, most potent and healthiest experience for you and your body.

And lastly – the experience itself. Storing your cannabis properly makes a big difference. When it’s done right you get a fresh, vibrant aroma every time you open the jar, and the experience of vaporizing and smoking is enhanced with all those subtle terpene flavors – not to mention easier on your system.

REVIEW The DaVinci IQ Herbal Vaporizer

The solid fit and finish the substantial feel evidences that there was a lot of serious thought and effort put into the DaVinci IQ.

The IQ has simplicity at it’s core. The large herb chamber is very easy to fill and does’t require special or delicate packing. The IQ is fully functional when charging with the non-proprietary micro USD cord. Cleaning the mouthpiece couldn’t be any simpler as it is easy as soaking in alcohol and a thorough rinse - and that’s it! Other than that, the IQ is low maintenance, to say the least. Like I said,”simplicity”.

How you use is up to you. Choose between the flush mouthpiece and the extended. Whether you use the IQ in the precision mode by selecting exact temperatures or if you deploy the app and program specific temperature sessions, you are sure to have the good experience you are looking for.

The IQ is stealthy in a couple of ways. Sure there is a “stealth” mode to dim the LEDs but the IQ’s styling lends to hiding in plain sight among the bevy of electronic devices in our daily life. The size and smooth design makes it a comfortable carry in almost any pocket. 

The DaVinci IQ convection herb vaporizer was a pleasure to review. Every time I pick it up I end up playing with the app to find the perfect temperature settings or thinking of new things to sample in the flavor chamber. The battery life was good with my experience being about an hour or so of heavy use between charges. 

The DaVinci IQ has no shortage of features and comes with a vast amount of extras which include: matching metal stash jar keychain, a vape tool key fob, charging cord, brush and alcohol swabs. There are plenty of good things to say and I know I’ve probably missed one to two but my favorite thing is the herb chamber. The chamber is not only amongst the largest I’ve seen but it also so very easy to fill without losing valuable herbs and doesn’t require and MacGyvering.

Check it out for yourself at DaVinci Vaporizers and consider treating yourself to the best or really making the day for your favorite stoner. I am more than confident that you and yours will really love the IQ.

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The Smokit
The Portable Smoking Kit

The Smokit is an incredibly portable smoking kit that houses a multi-hitter, poker/dabber tool, a silicone container, and a grinder card that allows you to grind flower directly into the storage area below.  The product revolutionizes the traditional dugout design into a much more compact and useful smoking apparatus.  

Measuring in only slightly larger than a Zippo lighter, The Smokit is easy to take with you on any adventure, and stands up to constant wear and tear with it's durable materials and design.  By combining practicality with stealthiness, The Smokit is a perfect everyday carry for anyone who smokes.  

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The Prometheus Nano
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Prometheus Nano by PYPTEK presents the world’s first one hitter glass chillum with an aircraft grade anodized aluminum exoskeleton. The Nano weighs less than an ounce, it's travel friendly, compact & delivers a full blast direct injection experience. Made in USA.

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The Hemp Shield Storage Case
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The Randy’s Shield is made of 100% Hemp and is structured with a hard shell and interior compartments. This is for the Larger 4"×6" Shield. Perfect to load up and take on the go with you. Will fit most vaporizers, and slides right into your pocket. Perfect for smoke-ware storage or anything you want to keep protected.

The Shield features a lockable tag that allows you to lock up the Shield and keep unwanted intruders out.

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