Stoner Gift Ideas Under $40 The Wickie Pipe Lighter Original

The Wickie Pipe Original 
All in One: Pipe, Lighter and Storage

The Wickie Pipe Lighter offers a flip up acrylic mouth piece that opens up to a 90-degree angle, and the tobacco bowl found at the opposite end. The metal flap bowl cover properly secures the tobacco when finished smoking and prevents unwanted spills. The extra tobacco compartment can be found underneath the acrylic mouth piece attached to the body for storing extra tobacco. 

Clean and maintain your Wickie Pipe Lighter with ease. Simply, remove the screw that attaches the pipe portion to the lighter, pull the mouthpiece off the bowl and drop it in your favorite cleaner. Refill Wickie Pipe Lighter with regular butane gas, adjust the flame control to the desired level and enjoy your day.

Available at: WickiePipes
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Stoner Gift Ideas Under $40 The Roll-uh-Bowl

The Roll-uh-Bowl

Folds to the size of your palm. Securely fits in your pack, pocket, purse and more! Leave your nice glass piece at home & never worry about breaking a piece on the go.

Perfect travel companion for hiking, fishing, camping, skiing, concerts, parties... wherever you choose to go, bring your Roll-uh-Bowl®.

Dishwasher safe, or clean with hot soapy water. 

Orders are shipped in discrete packaging and shipped  with USPS tracking.

Made in the USA from Certified Class VI FDA Medical Grade Silicone (same material as baby bottle nipples). 

Available at: Roll-uh-Bowl
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Stoner Gift Ideas Under $20 The PieceMaker Kazili

The Kazili
by PieceMaker

Made of Silicone
Super durable
Lightweight and easy for travel

If you're looking for a solid, durable pipe for the go, look no further than the PieceMaker Kazili silicone pipe. Coming in a variety of colors, these near-indestructible silicone pipes are perfect and stealthy enough to travel with or just smoke in the comfort of your favorite smoke spot! 

Find the perfect PieceMaker silicone pipe for you today!

Available at WickiePipes
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Stoner Gift Ideas Under $10 Pottles

Because Baggies are Trashy

Pottles are: 

your replacement for cheap baggies!
easy to use, 1-piece stash containers with attached lids
airtight and watertight to preserve freshness
odor-free and smell-proof for complete content privacy
made of FDA compliant medical grade plastic
U.V. resistant

Made in the U.S.A.

Check out Pottles at
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Stoner Gift Ideas Under $10 Randy's Black Label Cleaner

Black Label Cleaner
from Randy's Wired Papers

Randy’s Black Label cleaner is lightning fast on resin and goo. Just shake and swirl and watch the debris disappear and make you piece like new! 

Natural Herbs leave residue and gunk that effect the performance and hits of your piece. Randy’s Black Label completely restores your piece to hitting like it is brand new. 

Available at Randy's

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Stoner Gift Ideas Under $10 The OG Kash by Kasher

The OG Kash
by Kasher

The Kasher is a slick stainless steel multi-purpose tool that fits snugly over any standard Bic lighter. Simply slide OG down and you’re ready to use it in a variety of ways. This visually appealing poker tool is portable, durable and easily cleaned.

The OGs are now sturdier & burlier, nearly twice as thick as before. With this extra durability, the OG will keep that perfectly snug fit on a Bic. Even after extended use it rarely needs to be tightened up.

Get one for your favorite Stoner and one for yourself at

Stoner Gift Ideas Under $20 The MouthPeace by Moose-Labs

The MouthPeace 
by Moose-Labs

Made from 100% platinum cured silicone, the MouthPeace is the smartest way to smoke safely. Simply insert into your pipe and rip away like you normally would. 

Its flexible tapered design creates a universal fit with most pipes on the market. The pressure you naturally apply creates a completely airtight seal 

Now you’re safe to share glass with everyone.

Check out all the MouthPeaces

Stoner Gift Ideas Under $20 The 14er JOINT TIP from ELEVATE ACCESSORIES

The 14er Joint Tip 
from Elevate Accessories

Whether enjoying a spliff alone or with friends, add an Elevate joint tip to turn a good safety meeting into a great one. Regular use will continuously season and condition the wood, ensuring that this tip lasts for a lifetime.* Choose from a rich black walnut or a strong hard maple.

 Everything at Elevate Accessories 
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The Science of the Munchies

A study from the brilliant minds at Yale University has explained one of the most curious phenomena from cannabis: the science of munchies. Why do some cannabis consumers experience a heightened sense of appetite after partaking in some of their favorite strains? The Yale study dove into this eternal question and has come up with a scientific answer.

Cannabinoid receptors have a coordinated dance with specific neurons in the brain known as pro-opiomelancortin (or POMC neurons), which are located in the hypothalamus. These neurons control appetite stimulation (as well as other base instincts, such as sexual arousal and alertness – this explains so much). The POMC neurons are also responsible for sending a chemical signal to the brain to stop eating when the person is full.

Scientists have long made the connection between the stimulation of cannabinoid receptors and an increase in appetite. However, this study made the correlation that when cannabinoids are introduced to the system, a receptor inside the POMC neuron is activated, causing a switch from signaling that the person is full to making endorphins, a neurotransmitter that increases appetite.

Tamas Horvath, the lead researcher (who has also authored numerous scientific studies on cannabinoids and eating behavior, as well as endocannabinoids and their role in body fat regulation), likened the chemical effect to switching your foot from a gentle tap of the brakes to rapidly accelerating instead. It fools your brain’s central feeding system and suddenly you feel ravenous, even if you've just eaten.

More at: Leafly

MMJ Topicals vs Psoriasis

Cannabis is typically consumed via smoking or vaporization. In fact, one of the largest challenges for those in the medical profession who embrace cannabis as a medicine and a wellness agent is convincing patients that they should ditch joints and pipes for vaporizers. What if, however, a patient has a respiratory ailment or other condition that prevents inhaling smoke or even vapor? Possibly they simply prefer not to smoke or vape.

The proverbial red-headed stepchildren of the world of medical cannabis consumption are topicals. Available as creams, oils, lotions, sprays, balms, or ointments, topicals are applied to the skin and absorb through the epidermis (the outer layer). This relatively unknown avenue of consumption allows patients to treat conditions of the skin, joints, and muscles using topicals infused with whole plant cannabis or an individual cannabinoid, such as THC or CBD.

While most cannabis users are unaware of topicals, even fewer know that examples featuring THC produce no psychoactive effect in patients. Thus, seniors, children, pilots, and anyone who either cannot or does not desire to experience a psychotropic “high” can use THC-infused topicals with confidence.

It is estimated that up to three percent of Americans have psoriasis, which results in more than 10 million sufferers in the United States alone. Globally, roughly 125 million people are afflicted with the condition. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for this highly uncomfortable and often stigmatized disease, of which eight major categories exist, depending on the body areas affected and nature of the rash-like patches of plaque.

Because psoriasis is caused by problems with the immune system, cannabis is an especially effective treatment. The cannabinoids in cannabis fit perfectly into special receptors in the endocannabinoid system of the human body. These receptors, called CB1 and CB2, are concentrated in the brain/central nervous system and the immune system, respectively. However, the latest science reveals that each receptor type is found throughout almost all organs and tissues of the body, just with different expressions (densities and patterns).

Conventional pharmaceutical drugs used to treat psoriasis, typically systemic immunomodulating agents, involve many problems that are not associated with the use of cannabis or cannabis topicals. These include fever, diarrhea, liver dysfunction, and increased chance of infection. Thus, cannabis effectively deals with the significant cause of this skin condition, inflammation, and its chief symptoms, pain and discomfort — all while avoiding the negative side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

More about MMJ and Psoriasis at: MassRoots

VIDEO How Strong Are Boveda Packs?

So you may have asked yourself…just how strong are those Boveda packs? After all, you’re putting them close to your beloved cigars, wooden instruments or herbal medicine.

The answer to this question is: VERY STRONG.

Our very own Charlie Rutherford takes an attempt at stepping his own boots on a Boveda pack just to see how strong they really are. “It looks like…the 180 lb guy that I am, can stand here and put all my weight on it to the point where you can see my boot prints in it.”

Watch below as Charlie demonstrates the strength of a Boveda pack, and explains the quality control efforts that are in place to ensure every Boveda coming in contact with your precious belongings lives up to our motto: No Mess, No Worries, Enjoy.

Buy Direct at the Boveda

Toss the Torch and Get The Dipper by DipStick

Toss the Torch and Get The Dipper by DipStick
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Everything at Randy's 10% OFF with MRSTINKYS

Everything at Randy's 10% OFF with MRSTINKYS
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Elevate Accessories 10% OFF w/Code CJ10

Elevate Accessories 10% OFF w/Code CJ10
Heirloom Quality Smoking Accessories that are made to Last a Lifetime

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