PROFILE The Nexus by QLoudUp

At first glance, the Nexus by QLoudUp looks a lot like concentrate vape pens you see every day. On closer inspection, you will notice a sharp design and detail. It’s when you get a look at the features and it’s versatility is when you realize you're not looking at just another concentrate vaporizer.

The Nexus comes with several features that every portable vaporizer should have. It is certainly nice not to have to take the whole thing apart just to charge it. You can charge from the bottom with the micro USB without bother. The fact that the mouthpiece is engineered to enhance airflow and prevent clogging tops the piece off nicely but the clincher is the versatility of the Nexus. 

Right out of the box the Nexus provides versatility of experience. There are three temperature settings (340ºF, 400ºF and 460ºF) and three different atomizers included. There is a ceramic disq atomizer and two crystal quartz atomizers. I found the ceramic disq is better for lower temperatures and purer flavors. The single and dual titanium wrapped quartz rods heat instantly and without wicks, glues or dyes the Nexus quartz rods produce more concentrated vapors from deep seated chambers. 

QLoudUp says that the Nexus is designed to replace your dab rig. With all of it’s versatility and a lifetime warranty, it just might.

The Nexus is available in four colors and is available at

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